Your 2012 Theme Song – The Titanic or Rocky?

As a motivational speaker, my first job is to motivate myself so that I can see what works and what doesn’t – in terms of getting up off my boonda and actually accomplishing what I SAY I want to accomplish. And while there are several things I’ve found that work, there is one thing that absolutely never fails.  And that’s – music.

You know the kind I’m talking about.  The kind of music that makes you want to leap out of your chair, grab your hair brush to use as a microphone, and sing at the top of your lungs while your dog looks on mystified.  A song that not only propels your body to get down with its bad self, but one that speaks to you in terms of the lyrics. I SWEAR every time I hear the Rocky theme song I want to run up a flight of stairs, pump my arms in the air and yell, “Bring it on! Just bring it on!” 

So I have chosen my 2012 theme song. MY song that I will put on my ipod and play while I’m on the treadmill, cleaning the house or getting ready to speak at an event.  The song that puts a deliriously happy smile on my face, and a big boing in my step.

After much research, my song is (drum roll please) Footloose by Kenny Loggins!  Oh wow.  I even TYPE the words and I start smiling and bouncing in my chair!

So what’s your theme song for 2012?  I’d LOVE to know!


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  1. Okay Linda…You know I’m a motivational speaker who never likes to follow the rules. So my answer is not technically what you asked for. I agree 100% that music inspires and motivates. When I buy a new album for my ipad to play while I’m at the gym, the new songs take my workouts to an entirely new level. When I hear music I can really get into – I work harder, I challenge myself, and my creative brain goes on overdrive as I dream of all these things I want to do and be – starting with skinnier. So I can’t give you one song. Because I have found a whole set – or rather one artist that brings me motivation for 2012. Drum roll please…….Freddy Mercury….Queen. I bought the Queen Platinum collection of all their greatest hits. Not only does the music absolutely make me want to come out of my skin (Thank you “Fat Bottomed Girls” for taking me through the darkest times) – I marvel at the absolute brilliance of that musician – who played music the way he wanted to play it – to heck with the rules. So he also inspires me to take my art to a new level. And watching him perform, is watching someone who is doing what they love to do without a care in the world whether you like it or not. So he makes me want to throw out my arms in reckless abandon. And so my 2012 will be hopelessly dedicated to Queen – a true champion.

  2. This is so fun to dish with other motivational speakers! Different songs through different decades have been my go-to. When I worked for Sales Guru Tom Hopkins we used to rev ourselves up with music from Top Gun (I was the only girl on the team!). Now, U2’s” It’s a Beautiful Day” says it all. When that song comes on when I’m driving, it’s dangerous because I want to close my eyes and float away in the beauty, coolness and truth behind the message. Don’t panic. So far, I’ve kept my eyes open. Well, at least one. Black Eyed Peas “I Got a Feeling…” is off the charts — especially for an evening engagement…..or following a fabulous day of connecting with event attendees and flying home to see my honey (and kids).

  3. Okay, Linda and Colette – here I go again trying to blend in with the cool kids. I looked at your songs and the first thing I think is that my songs aren’t good enough. How pathetic is that? I’m still that kid on the playground trying to be like the others. But not this year. Not today. Today I will pick my own song – my own beat – and I will throw my arms out and dance even if everybody else is dancing in the other direction. After all, as a motivational speaker if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there’s a LOT OF BUSINESS when you dance in the other direction!

  4. Well, this may really surprise you. Most people know me as a high-energy motivational speaker who gets people jamming in their seats before I start a speech and I’m off the wall excited about life, speaking, friends, and my Frenchie. So, when it comes to my theme song, it’s not what you would think. I LOVE all of your choices but mine is a song that when I play it, it brings me to tears and gets me every time I hear it. It moves me so much, that I play it in the hotel bathroom while I put on my game face before a speech. Curious yet? It’s a song by Whitney Houston called ‘I didn’t know my own strength’. Oh it’s a good one. Sample of lyrics include ‘I wasn’t built to break’ ‘I crashed down and I tumbled but I did not crumble’ ‘My faith kept me alive and I kept my head held high’ and at the end of the song, she sings ‘I got to know my own strength’. Whew, just listened to it again and it’s not a rah-rah song that you would think I would pick, but it’s a powerful song that gets me way down inside and inspires me. I love the question Linda, I think we should all have a theme song. Thanks for the reminder to play more music!

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