You Have A Gift

You have a giftsnowangel

It's quite special. Nobody else has one like it.

It's yours.

To hold. To cherish. To unwrap.

To share with the world.

You may not believe it, but you do.

You may not have found it yet, but it's there.

Buried inside of you, is a gift that you are meant to share with the world.

A gift that will brighten another's life,

Warm another's heart.

It's a gift that seems small to you,

But to the receiver is really really big.

Sometimes your gift is the way you smile at someone who needed it at that very moment.

Perhaps your gift was sent in a card or a dish,

Sung from the back row of a choir,

Written on a chalkboard,

Wrapped in a warm hand on a frightened shoulder.

This gift was entrusted to you,

By your creator,

With you in mind.

Knowing the path you would walk,

And the ones who would rub shoulders with you in a moment,

To receive your gift.

Don't waste it.

Cherish it,

For the divine gift that it is.

And it is no better and no less than anyone else's.

It is yours.

And we are ready to receive it.



Kelly Swanson

Motivational Speaker





Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson - called one of North Carolina's funniest women by Our State Magazine. Kelly lifts the spirits of audiences from coast-to-coast using humor, storytelling, and lives of the characters from Prides Hollow - Kelly's make believe small town. This unique approach to motivational speaking allows Kelly to break through communications barriers and connect directly to the audience's imagination.
Her powerful stories and wacky wit will make you laugh, remind you that you matter, show you how to see beyond your obstacles, and teach you how to stand up and stick out in a crowded market.
To book motivational speaker Kelly Swanson:
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  1. You are a gift to this world in so many ways, Miss Kelly Swanson! Add poet to the list.  This is absolutely beautiful. I've heard it said this way as well, "We all have genius in us. It's the stuff that comes with ease, that brings a smile to our heart, big or small it is our unique gift we can give freely to others." Thank you for spreading your genius!!  I'm sharing it now.

  2. Wow. What a powerful powerful reminder to us all. And it's a message that EVERYONE needs to hear and be reminded of often. Thank you Kelly. Thank you, thank you, thank you for continually speaking from your heart. How grateful I am to have you in my life.

  3. Beautiful. You always warm my heart.

  4. Love this!  Yes, you are a gift!  You and Bill are a gift to all of us bloggers, you are a gift of a friend, you are a gift of a storyteller and you are a gift of a speaker.  Every once in awhile, I bet even Will says you're a gift of a mom!!!!  You're the best Kelly!

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