You can’t walk with Gratitude and Sit with Self-Pity

Whenever I’m in a casual conversation with people at a networking event, or party, the conversation inevitably comes to ‘So, what do you do?’  When people find out that I am a motivational speaker, they say something  like, ‘Oh, can you motivate me please?’  I proceed to ask questions about what’s up…why are they not motivated? Usual responses range from they don’t like their job, or they’re in a dead-end relationship, or they are frustrated about their weight, and pretty soon I feel like I’ve been invited to a pity-party!  I’ll never forget one woman who said ‘I am bored with my relationship, I can’t lose this excess weight and I know I should be happy living in a $7 million house in La Jolla…’  What?  I was shocked!  It got me thinking about what I always say to my audiences – if you want to change your situation, change your perspective.  Make a list of all the things you are grateful for – your family, your friends, your home, your car, your health.  Make a list of the little things in life that make you smile.  Keep adding to your list. Then, review your list!  When you up your gratitude, you lose your self-pity.  In fact, you can’t walk with gratitude and sit with Self-Pity at the same time.  To take it one step further, you can’t walk with gratitude and sit with anger, resentment or frustration at the same time!  So the next time you find yourself focusing on what’s not right with your life, make a list and get grateful.  It really really works.

From your ‘I’m so grateful you read this’ motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


Marilyn Sherman, CSP is a Front-Row Leadership Expert helping people get out of the balcony and get a front-row seat in life. For over 20 years she has inspired audiences with topics on Visioning, Goal Achievement and having a No More Excuses attitude! Check out her fun, dynamic style at

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  1. It does, it does, Marilyn! SO right you are!  Well said!

  2. Thanks for the sage and timely reminder Marilyn! 

  3. Absolute true Ms Motivational Speaker Marilyn. I still use my gratitude journal to keep things in perspective.

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