Work can be fun, right?

Motivational speaker suggests adding fun to work!

Work really can be fun!

Frenchie and I joined a hot pilates studio and are actually willingly go into a hot room for 60 minutes for a bootcamp-like workout.  The music is pounding and our favorite instructor Danielle makes it actually FUN to work out and sweat and stretch our bodies to new levels of fitness.  To make the jumping jacks/ push up  combination fun, she’ll have the whole class doing jumping jacks and randomly ask students their birthday.  The month determines how many push ups we have to do before going back to jumping jacks. My birthday is July 22 for example.  So when she asks me, the whole class has to stop doing jumping jacks, drop and do 7 push-ups and jump back up to more jacks.  She’ll ask several people to make the cardio blast complete.  But, we are laughing while working out when she says ‘Not everyone is born in January either!’

I didn’t realize how much I appreciated her fun way of working out until she had a substitute yesterday.  This little (probably just under five feet tall) person judging from her looks was pretty non-threatening.  Until she started class!  For 55 minutes straight she yelled out exercises and counted down and pushed us.  Again and again and again.  Yes, I appreciate a good work out, but this was no fun!  The only time I laughed was at the very end when I was trying to get my breathing back, I heard one person say, ‘Is Danielle coming back tomorrow?’ and the second comment to this crazy bootcamp dictator instructor was ‘What’s wrong with you?’

I guess I’d never make it in a real bootcamp with a drill sergeant yelling at me. I like to have fun too much!  This got me thinking about my work.  My career as a motivational speaker I like to inspire people during my 60 minute keynote presentations.  But, I also like to have a lot of fun!  Work is so much more palatable when you’re having fun. What can you do today to make your work more fun?

From your would-never-make-it-in-the-military-motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


Marilyn Sherman, CSP is a Front-Row Leadership Expert helping people get out of the balcony and get a front-row seat in life. For over 20 years she has inspired audiences with topics on Visioning, Goal Achievement and having a No More Excuses attitude! Check out her fun, dynamic style at

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  1. Right on Marilyn!  I agree a thousand percent! 

    I used to have a presentation in my motivational speaker’s topic cache that I did a lot in big conference breakouts with hundreds of attendees called Work That’s Fun Gets Done!  Before the attendees came in I put on loud Beach Boys music, blew up about 30 HUGE beach balls, put blow bubble bottles on seats and other fun stuff.  Oh! And I taped yellow plastic “police tape” across the double door opening to the ballroom that read “CAUTION! PARTY ZONE!”  (They could walk under or over the tape).  After they all got in, stopped throwing beach balls and sat down, I opened with, “So, you had lots of choices on breakout sessions this morning.  Anyone want to tell me why you picked this one?

    Well, heck those people are so warmed up and happy be the time I said my first word that people were shouting out things like, “I wanted to come to this party!”  “This looked like fun!” “People were laughing and playing!”  

    And yes, I had to deliver the content, but my goal was that they GOT the concept experientially!

    I miss that topic.  Sigh.         

  2. This is so true Marilyn. A spoon full of sugar does help the medicine go down. Having fun – enjoying the process – seeing your challenge as an opportunity instead of an obstacle – choosing to love what you do instead of hate it. All part of the key to living a full life. I told my father that my son loves going to Sunday school. He said “Sunday school isn’t supposed to be fun. You’re not supposed to like it.”  I couldn’t disagree more. Faith, just like everything else can be fun too. Who says you can’t like going to church? Good grief. Lighten up. And – Linda – I wish I was in that breakout session! But here’s an idea – why do you have to miss it? I would venture to guess that any topic can include that sort of fun and spin into a message about how fun factors into EVERY TOPIC. Just an idea. One I’m sure if you got a hold of it, would be FUN! Love you ladies! You both bring a new layer of class, credibility, and FUN to the world of motivational speakers.

  3. Marilyn, thanks for the reminder that mood is everything… it’s just not the only thing!

  4. Any instructor that can make exercising fun deserves a following! Hanging around incredible people is infectious and why if you have a good friend at work you are a more engaged employee. It’s one of the reasons I love hanging out with all you motivational speakers….you’re FUN and funny.

  5. How do I not toot my own horn here?  Well, heck, I WILL toot it because the only reason I’m still teaching exercise classes after 25 years is because I have fun, I make it fun, and all the students love a hard-working fun hour instead of a hard-working serious hour!  Bringing fun and positive growth into people’s lives is the best thing in the world!  That’s why I love being in this group of motivational speakers!  

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