With a Flip of Your Curl You Can Change Your Mind

Linda_larsen_motivational_speakerHere's the deal.  I've got pretty good hair. Oh, it's not a boastful thing. My hair is wonderful not because of anything I did. Chalk it up to good genes and a GREAT stylist.  And as a motivational speaker traveling around all over the place – relatively maintenance free hair is a good thing. But there is this one little tiny thing that has bothered me for the longest time. On the right side in the front, my hair wants to flip. I don't care how I style it or how the BRILLIANT Terry McKee at Nuovo Salon Group cuts it – it will eventually flip out.  And we are talking about YEARS here.  Decades, actually, with a flipping flip that I have never, ever liked.

But something extremely interesting happened yesterday when I went in for a haircut. After I got home and the flip started…well…flipping out, I looked in the mirror and had a different response. I LIKED it! I kept glancing at my reflection as the day went on and every single time I said, right out loud, "I like it!" 

Okay, so what happened here? NOTHING about my hair had changed. Nothing. I just decided that I liked it.  I simply changed my mind.  Let me say that again. I. Changed. My. Mind.  Notice I didn't say "My mind changed me."  I wasn't struck by lightening. I stopped fighting it and I decided that I liked my hair.  

Whoa. Am I saying that we can change our minds in a flipping hair toss? Um. Yes, I think I am. And that makes me wonder what other beliefs I have hung on to that don't serve me – that I could actually let go of.

Oh man. This is Ph.D graduate level stuff.  This is big. This could be really hard to actually DO. This probably won't work with the big stuff.

Oh wait. Maybe I could change my mind about that too, right? Okay, let's try…

I hereby change my mind about changing my mind. It's easy! It's cool! It's fun! I love it! BRING IT ON!  

…But I don't want to change my mind about cock roaches. 






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  1. LOVE this! And so true. I'm trying to think of something I am doing that could be reversed. I have already been applying this to exercising. I got tired of thinking how much I hated exercising, and just decided to like it. So now I tell myself I like it. Not sure myself believes me yet but I'm working on it. Brilliant advice Linda. You're the reason motivational speakers will never go out of style.  I remember a blog post i did a while back that was sort of this same topic. Talking about changing the title of what you do. Thought I'd share it again. What fun!  http://motivational-speakers-review.com/2012/04/20/communications/so-what-do-you-do-one-simple-question-that-answered-properly-could-help-you-get-more-business

    • Wow! Kelly – that is a GREAT blogpost you wrote! And why oh why didn't I see it back when you wrote it I wonder! Anyway, it is definitely along the same lines as what I'm talking about! Thanks for REsharing your post!


  2. Linda, I love this! While I already love my hair (good genes!) I made the discovery a while back that I actually liked my body. I know, shocking isn't it? We can simply change our minds and like what we already have. I did that with my car a while back. Instead of focusing on the parts that were annoying me, I focused on how fun it was to drive, and I started liking my car all over again.

    Kelly, your post in your comment was also spot-on. I really wish people would stop asking "What do you do" as the default question. Although it's fun to mess with people sometimes and say things like "I'm a trapeze artist" or "I'm a deep sea welder." You find out who is really paying attention. :)

  3. Linda, you are scaring me as I,too, have an out of control flip! You have no clue how many times I flip out of control and go back to blow dry my flipping hair to make it behave. Now I will think of the outstanding liberation you feel when I see mine do it's thing and copy. Kelly, re-read your blog post and realized I could hire myself to help myself today :-). Made me realize how many wonderful blogs are on this site thanks to both of you.

  4. OK, I'm just going to flip this out there ladies.  From my Macrobiotic past I am reminded of the Yin/Yang of all things.  The universe has a way of balancing itself: male/female, hard/soft, strong/gentle, salt/sugar, happy/sad etc.  Now let's draw a line down the center of our bodies.  How different is the left eye from the right, the length of one leg compared to the other…wait for it…the flip under of one side of our hairdo and the flip out of the other!!!  By changing your way of thinking about your flippin' flip, Linda, you've actually embraced the perfect balance of the universe!  WHOA!!

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