Why You MUST Upgrade Today!

Womens-leadership-speaker-Colette-CarlsonMost of you won’t be surprised to learn this motivational speaker delivered a running commentary from the time my girls were newborns to build their language skills. “This is a carrot. Do you know what color it is? It’s orange. Just like Mommy’s coffee mug. I’m cutting the carrots for soup for Daddy’s and my dinner.” You get the drift. And so do babies – right from birth. Even at three months, the babbles of an American baby are very different from those of, say, a Chinese baby, because they’re trying to mimic what they hear. In fact, according to neuroscientist Patricia Kuhl, babies are born to hear the sound distinctions of every language spoken on Earth, but within 10 months the ability is lost as cells get pruned away.

We can compare those little baby brains to computers built to process any software – the language – that gets loaded. Which brings me to ask, do you need to upgrade your software? What is your running commentary regarding your internal language?

I’m not alone when I say, “What you think about, you bring about.” Perhaps because I’ve been happily overwhelmed with speaking engagements and trying to jam and cram more in a day than is healthy, I’ve noticed I need an upgrade. Called myself an “idiot” when I grabbed the wrong luggage from the turnstile, a “#@* loser” when I spilled my coffee, and a “fatso” when talking myself out of buying Halloween candy at the grocery store.

So, first thing this morning following my daily gratitude exercise, I rebooted the computer. How about you?


Step into the Truth Booth, improve your life, and laugh along the way with funny motivational speaker Colette Carlson. How did she go from emotional coward and the Pizza Delivery’s favorite customer to #1 sales producer for sales legend Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy, featured in Success Magazine, a 50 lb. weight loss, and inspiring audiences at Microsoft, Accenture, Pepsi, Boeing, and organizations worldwide? Visit her at http://www.ColetteCarlson.com or call 760-230-1212.

Colette founded Speak Your Truth, Inc. to share her success systems and inspire others to Think It! Speak It! Live It! Her tools and takeaways create authentic, long-lasting change in every aspect of your life. With a MA in human behavior, a successful business and 2 teenage daughters, Colette provides a unique combination of education, research, real-life experience, and heartfelt humor to motivate you with her high content programs. Improve your Communication Skills, Work-Life Balance, Sales, Leadership, Assertiveness, Negotiation…all wrapped in the genuine power of Speaking Your Truth.

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  1. Oh nice Colette!!! And what is REALLY nice is that if someone as successful, beautiful and SMART as you, can admit to needing to reboot or upgrade the danged computer software from time to time – then it makes me know I'm not the only one with that issue. Thank you!!! For the personal reveal and the great advice!

  2. Colette, I see you as many things, none of which are 'loser' 'idiot' or 'fatso'!  Thanks for the reminder that each day we can start over being grateful for the choice to upgrade and run a reboot to get rid of the viruses that kill our creativity and self-esteem.  

  3. Ditto! I think all of us need a daily check of our internal script. I think if we really looked at everything we thought in a day, we would be surprised at the negative thoughts that creeped in. Or at least I know I would! Awesome post Colette!  It reminds me of the post Polly write about finding the happy. Just thought I'd share it again:  http://motivational-speakers-review.com/finding-the-happy/

  4. You know what?  I don't know what my running commentary has been lately and I'm extremely curious to pay attention now and find out.  Life can give us enough tangible, physical stresses as it is.  The last thing we need is to beat ourselves up fromthe inside with our internal software!  Happy rebooting everyone!

  5. Thank you Colette!  I have been guilty of spewing some of those very same names at myself lately!  Thanks to this post, I just did a mental CTL / ALT / DELETE for my spirit!  

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