Why Not Bring Laughter To Airports?

I was reading my friend Colette Carlson's post (http://motivational-speakers-review.com/2012/11/07/health-and-wellness/break-it-up#comment-1892) and I got this radical idea!

Okay, so it's probably another one of my crazy over-the-top ideas – but just think it through. Airports are dreary places filled with grumpy people who are tired and annoyed and sitting like stones waiting for their flights to be delayed. Bored out of their skulls, and depressed from having just spent $25 on a sandwich.

And if my mantra as a motivational speaker is true, that laughter sells, then why not bring laughter to the airport? Wait a minute – just hear me out.

It feels great to laugh. We've all been in places where something funny happened and a group of strangers gathered together and enjoyed the laughter of the moment. Laughter releases tension. It makes the time go by faster. And we simply have more fun while we wait. It also enhances the customer experience – as customers remember that which they have an emotional connection to. It's why people love the flight attendants on Southwest – right? They make the experience lively and fun.

So why not in the airport?

Okay. So some people just want to sleep. That's fine. Give them a place to do that. But then have another place where they are entertained. Whether it's a live comedian, or just a TV playing funny clips – or even a roving magician who makes jokes while creating magic (talk about a fun factor for the kids!). It can't be that hard to liven up the atmosphere a bit. As long as you just keep it clean and appropriate, and try to find comedy that is universal in nature.

Sure, some people would complain. Because that's just what they do. But I'd bet you'd get a lot more happy comments than negative ones. And I'd bet we'd see a radical change in the atmosphere. And that would have to reflect positively on our impression of the airline.

Just an idea…..





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  1. Oooooooh. I LOVE this!  And yes, as frequent flying motivational speakers we are ALWAYS looking for humor in real life, so we would be thrilled with this idea – but I think almost everyone would love it!  And yes, you're right, there will always be someone who DOESN'T like it, but hey. They can go into the bathrooms and play with the automated faucets.  I LOVE this idea, Kelly! 

  2. I know, right? The more I think about it, the more I like it. And not just for motivational speakers. I think everyone would appreciate a little humor, except for the humorless – and you're right, they can go play with the faucets. We'll just put this out to the universe and see what happens. For now, I'll just have to settle for the singing people in airports. So far, I've found two. One who sings in the Charlotte airport bathroom while she's cleaning (yes another story brewing) and one who sings while he sells children's magic pens in the Philadelphia airport. Mental note: If I even own a kiosk at the airport, hire a drama/theater student who sings "Fly Me To The Moon" acapella while stocking his shelves. Brilliant.

  3. This would be delightful to invest my time and mind during airport layovers. So much better than the usual recordings warning us of unmarked bags. In fact, I think the entire comedy routine could be about airports and flying. Let's throw in a few good laughs about TSA while we're at it! I know this would work because when I landed last Friday night at 10 pm in San Diego, a 4 piece band was playing really cool music down in baggage claim. I asked "information" if this is a new thing and it turns out it happens every Friday night. Rather than wondering if my bag was going to show up, this motivational speaker was beautifully distracted and entertained while moving and grooving to a Stevie Wonder tune. Great idea, Kelly!

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