Why I’ll never feed the homeless again…

There is Joy in Serving the homeless

Friends in Las Vegas invited my husband Yves and I to gather at their church and go offer Thanksgiving food, fixings, and love to the homeless community.  We jumped at the chance to be a part of such a loving, caring, self-less group.  

The day was amazing – my job was to be a 'Greeter' welcoming the homeless at the entrance of a park where we had set up a long table of everything you can imagine to eat for Thanksgiving. As the homeless started to gather and line up, I was there to shake their hands, offer a smile, and welcome each one.  Some were very friendly and open about their gratitude that we were there.  Some were a little more reserved, offering a simple thanks.  One man touched me specifically because he said "I often ask Why, why why doesn't anyone care that we are out here? But today, I see that you do."

The day went quickly, with roughly 300 meals given with love to people who were simply hungry.  I was very moved and so glad for the opportunity to be of service.  My sister called me to wish me a happy Thanksgiving and asked me what I was up to.  I told her that Yves and I were going to feed the homeless.  Yves quickly interrupted me and said, "You feed the dogs.  You serve the homeless".  Wow. What a distinction.  One small change showed me how I never want to feed the homeless again, but when I can, I would like to serve them instead.  Serve with love, gratitude, and hope and with the intention of showing them that someone cares.

Yves and I were so moved by this experience that we signed up for serving at Catholic Charities soup line for the homeless when our schedule permits.  Our first day was Friday and all the feelings from Thanksgiving came flooding back – gratitude, hope and joy of being able to serve (and not feed) the homeless.

From your grateful to never feed the homeless again motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


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  1. Wow! Marilyn, please thank Yves for me! That is a BRILLIANT distinction!  Subtle in word choice and yet extremely powerful in meaning.  And thank YOU for sharing this with us! And now I'm going to go share it with the world!

  2. LOVE this. Shared on my page as you know how I love the power of words. Thanks Yves for enlightening us all, and thank you for enlightening me.

  3. Another piece of language to watch out for is talk about "the homeless", as if that is some people's label or total character.  Far better to get ourselves used to saying "homeless people" — at least that acknowledges that they are people.

    I worked in a large shelter for homeless people and think this language makes a difference.

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