When Our Feelings Dictate Our Beliefs

As a motivational speaker, I meet a lot of people who walk around believing something negative about themselves that simply isn't true. And this is dangerous, because often we believe it enough to actually make it come true. For example, if you walk around thinking that you are stupid, you won't trust your ideas, so you never speak – you don't trust your intelligence so you do what everybody else says to do – you don't think you can, so you don't try – and eventually, you come across as stupid. Many of us have established a belief based on feelings instead of thought. I get it – I've been there – and I still spend a lot of time fighting those old habits.

I found a fellow motivational speaker's post about this very subject. I found it helpful and comforting. And maybe you will too.



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  1. Totally dig what Scott is saying and powerful way to truth yourself to healthy, more accurate beliefs. My concern is the indvidual who has such low esteem they can't even see their truth, wouldn't recognize their greatness even if they were looking at the facts. They need to conduct this experiement with someone who can shine the light their direction. All of you motivational speakers on this blog are incredible at shining the light on others. Thank you for that.

  2. "Your brain thinks you are the smartest person it knows."  That quote helped to shift my negative thoughts and become aware of feeding it positive, empowering info instead.  I'm with you, Colette, on our fellow bloggers and the light that is shone with each post!

  3. Hey Colette, I'm with you. That was my first thought when I read his post.  When one perceives oneself as an idiot, stupid, unworthy, etc., then any "facts and data" filtered through that belief system will get distorted.  But I do appreciate what he is saying.

  4. This experiment reminded me of an assignment a therapist gave me in college.  I was struggling with people thinking I was an airhead. He told me for a week to try to be an airhead on purpose and see what happens.  It was hysterical!  Even when I tried, things just didn't sound as airheaded as I thought. Don't get me wrong, I've had my blonde moments (like the time my sister put all of her plants in the tub to be watered when I house-sat for her. After I pulled out the plants, I couldn't get the water to drain, so 2 trips to the store for 2 different kind of drain-0 products later, I realized the stopper was in the drain!) Thanks for this post!

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