What’s your Wicked Story?

Your-Communication-Connection-Speaker-Colette-CarlsonI finally saw the play Wicked last night with my daughters and sweetheart.  It was fantastic!  Have you seen it?

”The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz” tells what happened to the Wicked Witch and Glinda the Good Witch before Dorothy drops in.

As a motivational speaker I was reminded of some poignant lessons watching the musical.  Without giving away too much of the plot, who is really Wicked and who is really Good?  We are so quick to judge.  We make assumptions based on appearances, perceptions and what we believe to be the truth.  We dislike or hate people without knowing why they are the way they are and what’s happened to them.  What’s beneath that pretty face, glittery wand, black hat, or tough shell?

Speaking your truth is not just speaking your own truth, aligning your own thoughts, words, and actions.  Speaking your truth means seeking to understand other people’s truths while also taking care of your own needs.  Connect with kindness and stop taking people at face value.  The next time you find yourself judging or criticizing, remember everyone has a Wicked story of their own.


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  1. Oh Colette, your post strikes a cord with me. We’re in the process of having to decide when to put our 12 year old dog Elsa down. At the vets the other day, we were treated like absolute pariahs by the new animal lover receptionist who was appalled that we’d let our dogs cancer progress without going down the surgery/chemo/radiation path. Her unkind words and attitude hurt my wife and our two children deeply. I’m proud to say our family responded with dignity. We didn’t let her know that Elsa’s body was riddled with cancer and that the tumor that she (the receptionist) was focused on, was just the latest in a series of tumors. We didn’t tell her about the parallels that were going on in our lives and our family… the cost and consequences of decisions we’d made… some that we are grateful for and some that we deeply regret daily.  We didn’t try to tell her that we aren’t Wicked… or that we’re just a family who are holding on by our fingernails trying to find a way for our dearly beloved dog to live out her last few days comfortably and with dignity whilst we take care of everything else that is swirling around in our lives. Nothing good for her (the receptionist) would have come from sharing that story…

    She didn’t… she still doesn’t… and she probably never will know our Wicked story… or that we’re not wicked. 

    • First of all, Paul, I am so sorry about your doggy.  I totally get it.  Totally.  Secondly, what you experienced and what you, Colette wrote about, reminds us ALL that there so very well may be (and most of the time IS) a back story to everything in life.  Thank you BOTH for reminding us of that!

    • Paul – my heart breaks for you and your dog. I remember going through that with my dog and two cats and our son. Heartbreaking. It’s strange, but with all three of my animals, they just gave me a “look” and I knew exactly what that look meant. They all told me when it was time. I will pray for your family to find peace in the middle of sadness.

    • Thanks to you all for your kind words! Yeup Kelly… Elsa gave me that look on the evening of the 4th and so yesterday afternoon, snuggled up with her head on my lap, looking into my eyes as I reassuringly stroked her, she went to sleep for the last time. She was a good friend. 

  2. Paul, my heart aches for your situation. You know what is best for Elsa, and you are right. You are NOT wicked. Big hugs.

  3. Thank you for that great reminder, Colette, that judging at face value rarely is an accurate assessment.  

  4. Colette, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wicked. And every time I see it, or hear the music, I get a new message from it. The theme is so deliciously complicated – the idea of good and evil and our perception of it. Thank you for this post. I treasure it.

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