What’s Right Today?

My brilliant friend, colleague and successful motivational speaker, Colette Carlson, wrote this really cool piece entitled Catch Me Doing Something Right that was spot on.  It was about how people respond positively to praise and recognition. It reminded me of the very wise management advice, "Reward the behavior you want to continue."

And that got me to thinking about a tool I came up with several years ago to help people REMEMBER to notice what all was going on in their lives that was positive and good.  And it relates back to a blog I wrote a few days ago entitled, There's Brilliance in the Right Question. In it I pointed out that you will find answers to the questions that you are asking yourself in your head.

Don't we all know people who seem to walk into work each day with unspoken questions playing in their head that are ALL negative in nature?  Questions like, "What's going to screw up today?" "Who's going to give me a hard time?" "Why do I always get all the idiots?" "Why doesn't anyone do what they are supposed to?"  And again, because those are the questions they are asking – they only find corresponding answers.  All bad, crummy stuff.  They couldn't catch someone doing right, because they aren't looking for that!

Here's my suggestion. Get a big poster board and mount it in the break room or somewhere lots of people will see it.  Put a pad of post-it-notes in people's pockets, on their desks and by the poster board. At the top of the board write in big bold colorful letters, "WHAT'S RIGHT TODAY?" Then instruct everyone to look for right things that other people are doing, jot those things down on the post-it-note and stick the note on the board.

Two things start to happen. It will FORCE people to start looking for those right things, AND people will start doing more right things in order to get up on that board!  It's a win-win!

So, I'll end with a question. What IS right today?

From your motivational speaker, Linda Larsen, who found the Marriott Free One Night Stay certificate she thought she'd lost


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  1. AWESOME post Linda! This is super tremendous advice!!! I’m going to share it right now, as many of the folks on my motivational speaker network are small business owners and managers! I’m going to try it too – and I’m the only one in my office! :)¬†

  2. I know one thing that’s right today is that I choose to surround myself with really cool people – people like you and the rest of our bloggers here. ¬†Thank you!

  3. Linda, thanks for the mention. Also, rocking idea to keep people focused on what’s working. I’m going to take Kelly’s cue and make it happen at the international headquarters of Speak Your Truth, Inc.!

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