What You Can Learn from Your Dog

We all know that dogs teach us things like unconditional love and never holding a grudge, but I'm here to say that there's WAY more to their brilliance than that.  If doggies could be motivational speakers – oh, how popular they would be! They could just get up on stage and have fun and we would all be transformed simply by watching. 

And that's just what happened the other day when I caught my Little Lulu and Toto on the bed playing, only occasionally stopping to see if I was watching. They were simply playing. Having fun. Leaping, hopping and having a ball. And it made me wonder, when was the last time I did that? 

So I'm going to invite you to look at the short video I recorded of them – playing. And tell me if just WATCHING them play doesn't make you feel better. Then ask yourself when was the last time you took 37 seconds out to simply play. And if you did, how GREAT do you think you would feel afterward!

Here's the Happy Doggy Video!


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  1. I am sad to say, I can't remember the last time I truly played. And as the mother of a 9-year-old that shames me. Linda, I make this promise to you – I will play more. And include my son. Life is just too short. Thank you for the reminder. Ruff ruff!

    • But Kelly, I think of you as one of the most playful people I know!!!  But I think I know what you mean. The type of play like the little doggy girls were engaged in. Just pure, happy, I-don't-care-who's-watching play. I can just see you and Will being goofy and silly and chasing each other around. Video tape it so I can live vicariously through you! Oh how I love that little boy!!!


  2. Hmmmm, that's a real head scratcher!  I guess the closest I can get to playing like that is losing myself in the music out on a dance floor…and that's been a while now.  When my boys were little it was easy to join in on their play and I remember feeling how delightful it felt to play like a kid again…and that's been quite a while now.  Linda, thank you for bringing to light the fact that adults need create the space to romp and play more!

  3. I was smiling out loud withing 2 seconds of this video starting!  LOVE IT!

    I am in the blessed position to mama a boy who is 80% play and gets me involved on a daily basis.  EVERYTHING is a game.  Brushing teeth, doing homework, eating dinner – and then there are the "tag olympic games" foot-tag, tape-tag and the ever popular ball-tag.  

    There was a time when I felt too overwhelmed and underslept to enjoy these games – but fortunately about a year ago I decided that it was going to be part of my every day.  Not only has it made our relationship even stronger, but we laugh until we cannot breathe sometimes, and we all know THAT is good for the mind, body and soul!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post more doggie videos!!!!!!

  4. So fun to come late to the blog and be able to read everyone's incredible insight, in addition to Linda's beautiful reminder to play! Although I didn't scurry around a bed with joy, I stayed in Cincinatti following my engagement to "play" for 2 days with my dear friend since seventh grade. Left with a full cup, and yes, those doggies made me smile too!

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