What would you want to do before you die?

One of the benefits of being with family recently is the long walks we took along the Katy Trail near Dallas Texas.  Amazing conversation can be had while on a walk.  But, one sight along the way made me stop in my tracks and read what people had to say.  It was a giant chalk board along the trail connected to what looked like a local restaurant. At the top were three words with space for people to finish the line: Before I die…

I found it interesting and profound what people wrote.  Some answers were about fame and fortune, and some were about getting closer to their God.  This just made me think that the answer to this one question really tells a lot about that person.  It tells if they are shallow, or more deep, or introspective, or ambitious.  It also shows that some people really don't take questions like this seriously – like the person who just wrote "I like Turtles."  Yes, there's one in every crowd!

One thing I want to do before I die?  It's hard to answer.  I of course want to make a list! But one thing I know for sure is that I want to make more of a positive impact on the people I serve. As a motivational speaker,  I speak because it allows me to have a positive message of hope and inspiration to those open to receive.  Sometimes I feel I'm not doing enough.  So that's what I'll strive to do – be more impactful in all that I do.  What about you?


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  1. Beautiful reminder through this busy season that every day is a gift as we never really know when our days are over. Not that I want, desire or plan to die anytime soon, but everyday I do my best to just love. Love the ones I'm already in love with, love the ones that irritate me and even love myself when I'm not fitting into my jeans or haven't been the best representation of myself. I would write, before I die just love.

  2. Very provocative question, Marilyn!  And Colette I really like your response.  In fact I think I'm going to put that one up as a "CONSCIOUS" endeavor.  Just choose to love – especially in those moments when it would be most justifiable to do otherwise.  

    Thanks for the great blog, Marilyn!

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