What Women Could Do With Just Two More Inches

Funny-Motivational-Speaker-Colette-CarlsonI recently read another “how to pack your suitcase” type article, which I’m always interested in because, as a motivational speaker who spends a lot of time on the road, I sometimes glean useful tips – though at this point in my life, I could write a book on efficient packing. Listen, I know how to roll, minimize, wear the jewelry I’ll be wanting for the trip. I have mini everything. Screw mini shampoo and conditioner. I have mini mousse, mini hair spray, mini contact solution, mini mascara, and mini Tums for those nights out with clients. I’ve invested in the clear packing bags and can suck every last molecule of air from them.  I have the black pashmina that doubles as everything from an airplane blanket to a classic wrap.  I’m not a ding dong – I know the tricks of traveling.

This most recent article I read was written by a guy. Truthfully, I’m not interested in learning how to pack from any man who simply has to bring a change of underwear, a fresh shirt and gym clothes – and perhaps a pair of jeans – to go anywhere and look good, no matter where he chooses or is asked to go. C’mon, if I simply walked out with a different colored blouse underneath the same suit I wore the day before, attendees would wonder if my luggage had been lost. Nor am I interested in hearing from the young, size-0 woman – with an equally petite foot – who has no sags or bags that need support or lift. At my age, even scaling back on my nighttime routine on the road still leaves me with 3 to 4 mini jars promising that my eyes will look less puffy and swollen for that 7 a.m. sound check. Moreover, a simple, black, sleeveless cotton sheath that could be used as anything from a beach cover up to a dress has yet to be created for a gal built like me.

And I think of my own daughter, who I know one day will be traveling for business.  The kid has size 10 feet. You put a pair of gym shoes or pumps into her carry-on bag and there goes a quarter of her space. Sure, you can stick a hair brush into one of the shoes, but that’s kinda gross.

And I get it. I’m willing to compromise the look of my hair and use the crappy hotel blow dryer anchored to the wall. I’m at the point where I feel there’s nothing left to eliminate, and yet I’m still smooshing and squeezing almost every trip. So what am I saying? (For the woman who teaches others to get to the point, this sure took a while!) Airplanes need to have a rule that men’s carry-ons can only be the current 18 to 20-inch style. But us ladies? We get bumped up to 22 inches. Aaahhh. Just think what I could do with 2 more inches.


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  1. Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious. I can relate to every word. But I need much more than two inches.

  2. PS     I also know full well how to pack with common sense. Unfortunately, common sense has never been a part of my brand. This motivational speaker is willing to cart three suitcases weighing 70 pounds each, if it means I get to bring a different pair of shoes for every outfit. Leave sensible to someone else. :)

  3. Don't get me started on men packing for a trip!  He's even mentioned the "inside out" technique – gross.  For me, I would use that extra 2 inches for the hair/makeup/jewelry collection.  Sigh…

  4. You would think that we, as motivational speakers, would have figured all this out. Well, I haven't. I just haven't. I CAN'T leave my ionic hair dryer at home – there hasn't been a hotel one invented that does the same good job. And the rest of my travel list goes on for days. And, just like you, the older I get, the more comprehensive my list gets.  I'm thinking about switching to just doing webinars. From my desk. Ahhhhh.

  5. This is funny and so so true!  And I KNOW you must face packing trauma every time as you are a keynote speaker with the MOST hilarious prop-intensive audience-interactive bit of brilliance ever!  

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