What makes an effective communicator?

I wrote an interesting blog post today – or at least I thought it was interesting to those of us who are motivational speakers – on another one of my blogs. Wanted to share it with you guys. I wrote it after I read the article in Forbes Magazine on why Joel Osteen is such an effective communicator. I would love to hear your thoughts.



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Her powerful stories and wacky wit will make you laugh, remind you that you matter, show you how to see beyond your obstacles, and teach you how to stand up and stick out in a crowded market.
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  1. Right on, Kelly. You nailed what an incredible motivational speaker AND human being requires if they are going to influence, engage and persuade others to take action.

  2. Thanks Colette. I know you are an awesome motivational speaker, but you are also the QUEEN OF SELLING. So I ask you – do these same truths apply to our sales presentations? I have a feeling they do – I just wanted to ask an expert.

  3. Listen – if there is any group of people who SHOULD know how to speak effectively, it would be motivational speakers. That doesn’t mean they do, however. With that in mind, I think you should post YOUR article about all this any and everywhere possible for people to find who are looking to be better speakers. YOUR article was brilliant, IMHO.
    P.S. I DID respond to your post but have no idea where I put it. It must be floating around somewhere out there…

  4. Thanks Linda! I did get the reply. Must have showed up on another post. And I was traveling and crazy busy, so I didn’t have time to answer it. And I’m glad you agree with my take on this article. I had to comment on the article because the guy’s points were so off target – bless his heart. And I have no idea what IMHO means. Guess I’m not as hip as I thought I was!

  5. Kelly, these tips apply whether you are a motivational speaker or an incredible sales person!

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