What Does it Say When Women’s Events Choose Primarily Male Motivational Speakers?

Womens-leadership-speaker-Colette-CarlsonMotivational Speaker Colette Carlson asks,  “What does it say when women’s conferences or associations primarily bring in male CEO's, male industry experts, and male motivational speakers for their event?” I have nothing against men, I adore men, but are these groups being in-congruent in their message?

My business manager exclaimed, “I just don’t get it!  How can you have a women’s leadership conference or a women’s business association state they are propelling women forward in the industry, empowering, networking, blah blah blah when the industry and keynote speakers they selected are almost all men.  Wasn’t there any woman that was powerful or experienced enough on that topic to be more aligned with the goals and theme of the organization?"

As a speaker heavily niched in women’s conferences and women’s business associations, I’ve learned the hard way that as much as we teach “earning what you’re worth” and leveling the playing field, women’s associations or events often have a lower budget than both sex associations.  Speaking Your Truth is all about – aligning your thoughts, words and actions so that you are not only authentic, you’re also credible.  And while I’m sure the male speakers have a lot to teach us, does it seem to be giving a mixed message at an event? Again, I want to reiterate that I'm not suggesting men shouldn't be present or contributors (we can all learn so much for anyone who has achieved a level of success), but I'm speaking to when the majority of "experts" delivering a message are male.  Just saying ….What do you think? I'd seriously like to know.


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  1. Ah yes, Colette.  I totally get it.  AND – I don’t quite understand it.  It does feel like a mixed message.  I also had another interesting thing happen along these lines.  A meeting planner for a women’s conference (a conference on helping professional women be more successful in all their endeavors) called me to ask if I would speak for free.  Excuse me?  You SAY you are all about empowering women – but you want me to speak for free?  She said “If we like you, we might ask you back to speak at a later time and we’ll pay you.”  That almost made me want to laugh.  Just try this:  Call Joe the roofer and tell him, “Joe, I want you to come do my roof for free.  If I like you, I’ll have you come back and do it when it needs redoing.  Oh, I can recommend you to others, too.”

    Make no mistake, I have spoken for free in the past – and probably will again, but the circumstances for this one hit me totally wrong.  Is it just me? 

  2. I don’t get it either!!!  Here’s another one for you Colette and Linda – I spoke at a women’s conference and the group was so cool,  that I joined the association.  I then got an e-mail that was supposed to go to the few male members of the association, asking THEM what speakers THEY would like to hear from next year!  I was astonished!  Never have I been to a male dominated event, where the meeting planners went out of their way to ask me as a female, what speakers would I like to hear from.  Boggles my mind!

  3. I will always believe in choosing the best motivational speaker for the job. But people buy from people they like- and there will always be some sort of bias involved. Is it fair? Probably not. And I also wonder if women are doing the same thing that men do to get noticed? Look on the first page of Google under motivational speaker(s) and it has been dominated by  men. So we can’t blame the customer if they don’t know about these super women speakers. But I just don’t know the industry enough – or have the real numbers – to know how much truth there is in whether men are dominating the jobs. I speak for LOTS of events that never book a man. And is that fair? 

  4. Being a bloke aka male motivational speaker, I was a little intimidated the first time I was invited to speak at a “Women’s Event.” The Soroptomists, an international organization comprising of business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world had invited me to come and share my message. The event was a resounding success and whilst chatting afterwards, I mentioned that I was a little surprised that they had invited me, a bloke, to come and speak. They teased me, asking if I thought my gender, race, religion, the fact that I’d been attacked by a peeved hippo, was a regular on TV or that I was disabled should have precluded my selection… I was a little embarrassed for having asked the question. 

  5. Glad they chose you, Paul. I don’t know any other woman who has been attacked by a peeved hippo on the circuit either :-). Again, no issue with men speaking to women’s groups, just when there is an overwhelming majority at the conferences. Heck, I’m speaking to the re-modeler’s association, but then again I’m teaching those guys how to sell to women. May the best person get the opportunity!

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