What Did They Find During Ghandi’s Autopsy?

gold ghandiA timely reminder about how one falsehood can ruin your image and destroy your credibility. In case you missed hearing the truth on my other blog, read Ghandi's Golden Gut to get up to speed!

As a motivational speaker who encourages you to speak your truth, here's just another example of truth versus lies. Let me know what you think below.





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  1. Wow! Interesting! And, yes, I see what you mean Colette. One lie tarnishes the credibility of the whole site. I've been working on a speech for one of my motivational speaker gigs on the topic of leadership, more specifically, integrity in leadership. And the word "integrity" comes from the Latin word "Integer" meaning wholeness.  Our pastor (who was speaking on the subject, coincidentally) said that integrity means "wholeness" – where everything you do, wherever you do it – is in alignment with your truth. The man you see on the stage, is the man you see in his house, is the man you see in Vegas. And I think your post about Ghandi is a great example of what happens when you're not in alignment – that one lie broke the wholeness. Does that make sense? Great post!

  2. Gosh, I thought that if something was on the internet it had to be true! While I've gained value through the truth you've spoken in this instance, I really just had to read the article because the title was compelling. So now, as a motivational speaker, you've caused me to question all that I read on the internet wink.

  3. I completely agree, Colette!  It doesn't just apply to websites of course.  I'm thinking of a co-worker whose persona is percieved as grand and giving but I've caught her in too many untruths over the years so I have personally locked in my opinion which is opposite of the popular opinion.  

  4. Very interesting Colette.  By the way, I had one of those difficult conversations today with an agency who quoted a higher fee for me and asked me to reduce my fee, giving them essentially a 31% commission on my speech.  Then, due to another mis-understanding, the client went from 'We'd like 300 books at $15 a piece, go ahead and invoice me now' to 'No pre-sell, just sell at the back of the room.'  Needless to say, I had a face to face with this agency and I thought we had honestly, productively moved through the issues.  Then the e-mail that was sent to me and my agent said it was a productive meeting but they felt I questioned their integrity.  At no time did I mention integrity. I just asked if they are going to ask me to discount my fee everytime with clients, and then charge the clients more than my actual fee.  The reason I mention this, is now that we've had this one exchange, every conversation I have with them I will be wondering if they are only looking out for themselves.  I think this relates to Ghandi….Maybe I just needed to vent about speaking one's truth and calling people on their business practices.  

    • Any agency that isn't transparent is one less agency you need in your life. I hope it was a "misunderstanding" and not a business practice. Good for you for speaking your truth. And yes, this is exactly in alignment with the theme of this blog. When you say/do something that isn't trustworthy, all your credibility is questioned.

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