What Can I Do For You Today?

When I was a professional actor (way before I even thought about becoming a motivational speaker, I was a BIG Days of Our Lives fan.  I’m talking HUGE!  So when I was given the opportunity to play Bill Hayes’ wife in Neil Simon’s play, Rumors inNew York in 1990, I jumped on it.  You may know, Bill and his wife, Susan Seaforth Hayes have played Doug and Julie Williams since 1970 on the award winning soap opera.

Bill and Susan recently wrote a WONDERFUL book, called “Like Sands Through the Hourglass.”  It’s all about their lives on and off the show.  In one chapter Bill shared something Susan does that he believes pretty much precludes disagreement in their relationship – and quite honestly, I think it’s brilliant.  Nearly every day Susan says to Bill, “What can I do for you today?

Wow!  Can you imagine how valued, important cherished you would feel if someone you loved asked you every single day what they could do for you?  I believe that it would make YOU want to know what YOU could do for THEM every day.  Which would make THEM want to do more for YOU….which would make….

Gotta run. John just walked in and I have a question for him…

From your happy motivational speaker, Linda Larsen


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  1. Did the weather muffin answer your question?! Great insight Linda. One day we’ll have to catch up on your incredible past so I can learn more about you before you were a motivational speaker!

  2. What a great idea!  I also heard Sheryl Roush say onetime,  ‘What can I do to support you?’ It really made me think of ways to get support which has a slightly different slant than help.  Both are good ideas – I guess I need to start asking Frenchie the same thing!  And, but the way, that’s a beautiful picture! 

  3. Bill and Susan are, indeed, a wonderful and inspiring couple. I’ve had many a lunch with them, and they’re fun, smart, and totally devoted to each other. 

    The tested that strength writing their new novel, TRUMPET, as well. It came off beautifully and plays to both their strengths. Check it out on Amazon or B&N!

  4. Oh, Linda. I sure love this post. So simple and so brilliant. 

    What can I do for you today? 

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