What a Motivational Speaker, Salesperson or Actor Can Learn From Bryan Cranston

Bryan_CranstonEven if you are not a fan of Breaking Bad, I'm sure you've heard of the show, and it's Emmy Award winning lead actor, the brilliantly talented Bryan Cranston. Well, today I saw a video wherein he talked about a discovery he made that he claims was the biggest turning point in his career – and what he said loudly resonated with me as a motivational speaker.

You can watch Bryan Cranston's "advice to aspiring actors" short one minute video, but I'll summarize it here: How much work you get is tied to your intention. Let's look at his example and a few other real world applications.

As an actor auditioning for a role: As opposed to going into the audition room intending to,"Get the job," go with with the intention to bring the best of your skill to the scene to give fullness and integrity to the writer's character you are portraying. Period.

As a salesperson presenting your goods or services: As opposed to showing them your stuff intending to, "Make the sale," go in with the intention to provide a solution to your client's problem that could make their live happier, safer, richer, etc. Period.

As a motivational speaker talking with a meeting planner considering me for the job. Just like an actor auditioning for a role, instead of speaking to her with the intention of "Impressing her," or "Getting the job," what if my intention was to 1) Really LISTEN to really hear what her concerns were and what she wanted for her people, and 2) To share ways that I could help HER meet her objectives. Once again – Period.

Mr. Cranston suggests that after we have clearly put our intention in the right place and done our best – that we then walk away. It's over. It's now out of our hands. We walk away with confidence that we did our very best with the highest of intentions. And that confidence begins to light us from within.  He says that when he made this subtle, yet powerful, shift in his thinking, everything turned around for him in terms of his level of success.  

Great advice, Mr. Breaking Bad. Great advice.


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  1. This is very interesting Linda. It speaks to (1) having an intention before you go in (which many do not do) and (2) aligning that intention with how it serves them instead of how it serves you  (which many do not do either).  Great words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing.  (My husband is a HUGE fan of Breaking Bad.)

  2. Great advice from both Bryan Cranston and motivational speaker YOU! So true that both setting an intention to serve and letting go of the result creates a healthy connection and outcome. On a side note, this was the only season finale I've watched to date that I enjoyed fully. The director and writers could not have made me happier with any other choice. Even the final song Baby Blue by Badfinger ROCKED.

  3. While I have not yet seen this series, Mr. Cranston and YOU have just given me such a gift!

    I was approaching all I did with the greatest of intention, but I failed to walk away with confidence.  Instead I left most interactions, whether it was a client call as a humorous motivational speaker or as a friend, asking myself if I could have "done more".  

    Now… this:  "We walk away with confidence that we did our very best with the highest of intentions. And that confidence begins to light us from within." 

    I feel the light!

    Thank you : )

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