Want to Motivate Yourself? Turn Your Mother Down!

I was cleaning out my guest room for a visit from, you guessed it, my mother.  So imagine my surprise when I found a book by Steve Chandler on my shelf called '100 Ways to Motivate Yourself'. I randomly opened the book and #69 said; Turn Your Mother Down. I had to laugh thinking how hard it is to say no to my mom!  I am getting better.  Considering I'm a motivational speaker and I'm 49 years old, so you would think I have this down cold.  I have learned from my dear friend and motivational speaker Colette Carlson to Speak My Truth so I don't get caught up in the tug-of-war with my mom: keeping her happy, suppressing my true thoughts, feeling guilty, you know the drill.  Now that my mom is here, (and we're having a terrific visit) I actually went back to re-visit the book to see what Steve meant about turning down my mother.  Was it to say 'no' to her more often?  Then I had to laugh again.  He was talking about being optimistic and pessimistic.  And if we were raised by a pessimisitc mother, then we would have the tendancy to hear her voice in our heads when we start to think negatively.  He suggests to turn the volume of your mother's voice down and keep thinking until you hear your own voice.  Your own optimistic, positive voice!

From your grateful motivational speaker who needs to remember to turn myself down once in awhile, Marilyn Sherman

P.S. Anyone else have trouble turning their mother down? Please share!


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  1. Wow! Don't you just love it, Marilyn, when we stumble upon the EXACT right thing we need – right when we need it?  I don't think that just because we are motivational speakers, those types of things happen to us more often.  They happen to everyone! And here was a great one for you.  And as you went on to explain the meaning, I realized it was for me too!  Thanks for sharing this one!

  2. Oh bless the day when I stop trying to live up to the expectations of my mother. Little by little, I'm learning to create my own list in life – not based on how my mother did it – but based on how I want to do it. Some things I will keep from her list. Others I will let go. It's amazing how our parents impact us so much as adults – how I will still do everything I can to get my father's approval – and determine my self worth on what they think. And then I try to remember this:

    I'm no here to please the world. I was created for something much more important than that.

    And so were you.


    Thanks for this beautiful reminder, Marilyn. May we as motivational speakers be constant beacons of truth and empowerment.

  3. Marilyn, you are too kind for the shout out! And what a wonderful reminder to turn our OWN voice down — especially when it comes to trying to please our parents. As the mother of two daughters who has done her own forceful damage to their esteem without ever it being my intention, I'm more forgiving of my Mom. Constantly have to remind myself to listen rather than judge when my daughters show up and share something that isn't IN MY OPINION in their best interest. I'm certain they'll be turning me down in days to come or perhaps if I raised them right they already know this technique! Great post.

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