Want Happy Screaming Loyal Customers, Patients or Clients? Do This Brilliant Thing!

motivational-speaker-linda-larsen-glassesI love my new glasses. And, as a motivational speaker on customer service, I REALLY love it when I have a customer service experience that shines a light on what GREAT service should look like.  

I recently noticed that the left lens in my 3 month old prescription glasses had fallen out. No loose screw, no brutal treatment on my part, the lens was simply missing. So when I took them back to Lenscrafters today, I assumed they would replace the missing lens.

The extremely lovely sales person, Grace, explained that since I didn't have insurance on the glasses, they couldn't fix them for free. I, most kindly and politely, replied that they should, in fact, fix them for free since 1) It was something faulty on their end, not mine, and 2) According to my account they had pulled up on the computer, I had purchased 25 pairs of glasses in ten years. I pleasantly asserted that I would think they would want to make me a happy customer. 

Grace was fantastic. She kept apologizing, saying if it were up to her she would do it in a heartbeat. She also went to her manager, Rachel, twice to ask if they could adjust the rule.  Each time she returned saying how Rachel was also very sorry, but couldn't do it. I made one more case why they should in fact replace the lens, fully prepared if she said no to take my business elsewhere and blog about their bad customer service. Grace went back to Rachel and then returned saying she would, indeed, replace the lens for free.  

Yay! RIGHT choice, Ms. Manager! Let's say it cost you $25 in your cost of the lens to replace it. For $25 you created a really happy screaming loyal customer who will continue to do business with you for life and who will sing your praises to anyone who will listen! Yay you! I think you are coming out financially ahead on this one!

What is the ACTUAL cost of keeping a customer, patient or client to you? Are you willing to pay that price when something like this happens to get a really nice return on your investment later on?

Oh, and sometimes, not so much "later on." I purchased a second pair of glasses while I was there. Methinks they came out ahead. 


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  1. Looks like Lenscrafter's saw clearly in this situation! It's eye-opening to me how many established businesses overlook an opportunity to create loyalty and good will when given the chance. Bravo for your patience and persistence in asking for what you want!

  2. I agree with Colette to give you a big Bravo for your pleasant persistence!  This is a lesson I will use next time I'm in such a situation.  Sharing right now to help others who are easy to give up!

  3. Nice!  I bet if you showed one ounce of 'attitude', they would have shown you to the door.  I'm convinced that how you approach the sales people have a lot to do with how they handle your very reasonable request.  Who cares about the rules!  Good job – way to persist!

  4. I see what you mean. Companies should have a strong vision of what their customer service should look like. Success is no illusion. Does our service look clearer this way, or that way? One or two? A or B? C or D?  We should all look through the lens of our customer with laser focus. And when our customer is not happy, we shouldn't make spectacles of ourselves and do what we can to see them through rose colored glasses. And then we move from farsighted goals to nearsighted successes. 

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