Wallowing Over -Time To Get Up And Take A Shower

We all hit potholes in the yellow brick road of life – even motivational speakers. None of us are immune to them. And I believe that every pothole has its "season" – that there is a time for denial, and there is a time to roll up in a ball on the sofa under your favorite blanket and cry. A time to rage at the powers that be, and a time to blame everybody that was responsible for getting you to this place. A time to partake in something very bad for you, but comfortable for your soul – whether that's wine, cigarettes, or heaping plates of macaroni and cheese and chocolate.  A time to go for obscene amounts of time without a shower or a hair brush.

We all have different ways of dealing with this time in our life – but at some point ALL of us come to the point where it's time to stop wallowing and get in the shower. To acknowledge that, to some degree, it was our choices that brought us here – and it will be our choices that get us out. At some point we decide it's time to get back up, dust ourselves off, and get a new perspective. (Remember that we can't control everything in our life – but we can always control how we let it affect us.) 

And so today I am talking to those of you who are curled up on the sofa, dealing with a life that didn't go the way you planned. And I'm sending you a virtual hug. And I'm saying that maybe it's not time for you to get up – that maybe you need a little more soul comforting. So take it if you need it. But I'm also gently asking you if it's time to get up? Is it time to take a deep breath and pick up the pen to write a new chapter? Every moment you spend on that sofa is one more moment you keep yourself from changing your ending. And only you can say whether that moment is here. And if it is, let me be the voice of encouragement that says what you need to hear – that kicks you gently in the butt – and tells you that it's time to get up off that sofa, quit wallowing, and take a shower. It's time to show us what you are made of – and that you will not let this pothole break you. What happened to you happened. It's over. This next moment is on you. YOU decide what happens next.

I wish you all the best, and hope that you will take this message with the love intended. No, I don't know what it's like to be in your shoes. But I do know what it's like to have a friend reach out and push me into the shower. It may not feel like it right now – but it's a blessing.

One day, this too shall pass.


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  1. Being a motivational speaker who was raised by a mother who threw you in the shower, I appreciate that we need our couch time. Our pity party. BUT I agree with you that like all good parties, eventually you have to leave (or the hostess will throw you out!). Feel, then DEAL. You might even find yourself singing in the shower. Excellent post!

  2. Thanks Colette! I was talking about this with a friend recently who has dealt with a lot of crap in her life. Crap that she absolutely could not control – did not see coming – and can not get away from. We talked about how easy it is to say "get over it" and how hard it is to actually do it, when the problem stares you in the face every day. Especially problems that deal with the health and well being of our family members. So she pointed out that sometimes we really can't fix this.

    I then pointed out to her, that there was a big change in her situation for the better, and asked her what made that change occur? She said she finally reached a point where she refused to believe that this was going to be her normal. And she changed some things. She took control where she had control. BINGO. So the situation wasn't as hopeless as she thought, was it?

    So I still say that we always have a choice, and we can always choose, if nothing else, to not let the crap storm win. I sound like a broken record, but it's so true. All we can change is our perspective. Yet it will make all the difference.

    And that's what motivational speakers do – help you get a new perspective – to see another path around that obstacle.

  3. Oh I'm familiar with that shower. I have had times in my life when I resisted it like crazy. I've also had a couple of times when someone who loved me very much told me I needed to get on with it – and get in the danged shower.  I will always be grateful to those people who loved me enough to tell me the truth.  GREAT reminder, Kelly!

  4. And don't you know January 1st is the perfect day to take that shower!  Stretching out of that fetal position and jumping in for a renewed push.  With the support and wisdom of motivational speakers like you, Kelly Swanson, 2013 is going to rock!

  5. I believe we have all been there – taking a shower being the last thing on our list behind the pity party planning and the horriblizing of the events around us. (I know, 'horriblizing' is not a word, but I use it to describe people who really just focus on making things sound worse than they really are.) But, we get up and persevere.  I've recently added to my presentations that even though I'm a motivational speaker, my real job is to change people's perspective.  Once people do that, the view is much much better!  Thanks for this great post Kelly!

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