Walk your Talk? How about Drive your Talk!

If you say youI hear it all the time.  “You are so authentic!  What you see on stage is what you see off stage!”.  As a motivational speaker, I strive to be authentic – optimistic, positive?  Yes, but most importantly, authentic.  The downside to being said optimistic motivational speaker is that I need to be that all the time – especially when I drive!  When you advertise that you motivate, then, you can’t be cutting people off in traffic, or waving that finger around when someone cuts you off!  Yes, I am a patient driver but once in while, I lose it!  Thankfully not so much as to call it road rage, but once in awhile I’m in a hurry, or I’m late for something, and I get frustrated.  Then, when I see those looks on people’s faces in traffic after I’ve broken some rule of common courtesy on the road, I have to remember who I am.  I am a motivational keynote speaker, and whether I’m on stage or not, I need to represent that.  If I’m not willing to walk my talk or in this case, drive my talk, I need to get out of the business.  Or, at least, stop wearing advertising that says  IMOTIV8!

From your getting more patient on the road motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


Marilyn Sherman, CSP is a Front-Row Leadership Expert helping people get out of the balcony and get a front-row seat in life. For over 20 years she has inspired audiences with topics on Visioning, Goal Achievement and having a No More Excuses attitude! Check out her fun, dynamic style at http://www.MarilynSherman.com

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  1. That’s why my license plate says, “BELIEV N U” rather than CLM DRIVR! Love this Marilyn… made me laugh and so full of truth.

  2. Motivational speakers, like others in the public eye, have to be aware at all times how their actions will be perceived. And boy, can it be taxing! I see it with Kelly every time we travel together, and she has to be constantly ‘on’.
    Ultimately, it comes down to determining what kind of person do you want to be – and then deciding to live it out.  Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Great post Marilyn! I do think patience on the road is something worthy to aspire to. But I also believe that a motivational speaker’s job is to encourage and motivate others to go after what THEY want in life – to go after what is on THEIR list. And the beautiful thing is that each of us gets to create our own list. Your list holds a certain set of values and things that are important to you. My list holds something else. Our goal as motivational speakers, is not to be perfect at everything we think we should be perfect at. It’s not even to aspire to getting it all right.  It’s to encourage others to put their dreams into action – to show them they can do it – to help them believe in themselves – to help them motivate themselves. If you were out there teaching others to be better drivers – then, yes, you should probably make sure you walk the talk. If Polly is motivating others to eat healthy, then she should probably strive to eat healthy herself. If Linda is out there motivating others to communicate positively, then she should work at that. If you are motivating others to get a front row seat in life, then you should always try to get a front row seat in life. If I’m motivating others to be different, then I should have the courage to be different.

    But being impatient in the car doesn’t make you a bad motivational speaker. In fact, I find it is completely irrelevant to your job description as a motivational speaker.

    I have a friend who is a motivational speaker. She was asked to run a marathon, and said no, simply because she didn’t want to. It wasn’t important to her. She was told “How can you be a motivational speaker and not run a marathon?”  To me, that is a ridiculous statement. It’s like saying, “How can you be a good motivational speaker if you can’t motivate yourself to save money?”  Or saying, “How can you call yourself a motivational speaker if you are overweight?” You are taking what’s important to YOU and putting it on their list.

    Your ability to encourage and inspire others is about your ability to encourage and inspire others. The definition of a motivational speaker is one who encourages that audience to take the steps necessary to achieve what’s on their list. Believe it or not, not all of us are aspiring to run marathons.   

    So rest easy, Marilyn. You are an effective motivational speaker. Not because you lost weight. But because you are effective at encouraging me to get a front row seat in life. And for that, I thank you.      


    • One of the many reason’s I love you Kelly is your willingness to share your heart and mind in your posts and in your comments – even if it means your comments are twice as long as the original post!  :)  Yes, your comments made me think about what my intention is.  And I totally agree with you about the marathon thing too.  So – if I were to narrow it down, I do inspire people to get a front-row seat in their life and my job really is to offer hope to people.  So, if I’m driving crazy and pull over and someone says ‘so what do you do for a living?’ and I say I strive to give people hope, then I want there to be no surprise there.  There is an old saying that asks ‘If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence in your life to convict you?’.  Same goes for me.  If I were arrested for being a motivational speaker, would there be enough evidence in all areas of my life to convict me?  I strive to be hopeful and motivated in all that I do.  And, even when I’m a bit off my game, I know that I am accountable and don’t fall into blame.  At least that’s what I strive for!  Thanks again for taking the time to comment – I think the world of you!

  4. Hahahahah!  I LOVE this, Marilyn!  What you’ve really done by getting that license plate is what I strive to do all the time.  You’ve created a SYSTEM to help you do what you say you want to do!  That is brilliant!  The whole world (at least when you’re driving) will help hold you accountable!  GREAT work!

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