Uncomfortable Lesson from Actress Amy Adams

Motivational-Speaker-Colette-Carlson-teaches-a-lesson-from-actress-Amy AdamsIn all the media frenzy over the Sony hacking scandal, one story concerning actress Amy Adams caught my attention. In case you missed it, Amy was scheduled to appear on NBC's Today show to promote her latest film, "Big Eyes" (which earned her a Golden Globe this past Sunday).

While waiting backstage, she was informed that she'd be asked on-air about the Sony debacle. She was part of the story because hacked emails revealed she was paid less than her male co-stars for the movie "American Hustle."

She told producers she didn't want to contribute to the media coverage of the hacking.

"I expressed that I was uncomfortable," she told USA Today. "I said I would rather not add my voice to this conversation. "(But) it was clear they were drawing a hard line, that this would be part of the conversation."

I was impressed by her use of the word "uncomfortable," as it's one of those I teach people to use as part of the DEAL™, my system for successfully engaging in difficult conversations.

But apparently, producers were unmoved. They abruptly cancelled her appearance, reportedly an unprecedented move. Film studio exec Harvey Weinstein, whose company is distributing Amy's latest movie, has raised a ruckus, calling for a formal apology or at least an independent investigation into the cancellation. While an investigation strikes me as over-the-top, I like that Amy stood in her truth and refused to get involved in the conversation about the hacking. In our own day-to-day lives, it can be challenging to stand strong and speak our truth, especially when pressured by others. More…



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  1. Good for her for sticking to her belief in the matter. I am impressed. I would like to think I would I calmly decline their request, as she did, with those powerful words, "I'm uncomfortable with this conversation," and let the chips fall where they landed. I hope that's what I would do. 

  2. Wow.  Tough call.  I'm wondering myself if I would have stayed true to what I felt was the right thing.  It's one thing to stand for what you believe in when there's not much on the line – but when you have everything to lose – well, that's another.  I too would like to think that I would make the right choice. Sigh.

  3. I'm impressed by your distinction between speaking your mind and speaking your truth.  Unfortunately, I sometimes have been emotional when I spoke up and realized I was just speaking up and not adding value to the conversation or honoring me.  Thanks for your blog! Kudos to Amy for making the right choice and boo on the studio for paying her less if that's what happened. Cue the acceptance speech from Patricia Arquette! 

  4. Speaking one's "truth" as opposed to speaking one's "mind" is a golden distinction, Colette!!

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