Two Simple Words To Help You Get Business and Keep It

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Two Simple Words To Help You Get Business and Keep It

Over Deliver. This entire article could be summed up in those two words. But you know that being a long-winded motivational speaker,  I can never keep any conversation to two words. But they are two golden words when it comes to getting the sale and keeping the customer. And it means exactly what you think it means: Deliver more.

If you thinking that delivering “good enough” is good enough to beat the competition in this crowded market, then you probably deserve the spot you’re in. And we’ll move on to the people who realize that powerful customer service will create raving fans, and raving fans talk about you. For most of us, it’s not really an issue of whether we think we should over deliver – but how to over deliver. We know it’s important, but we never really get around to doing it. So I’m going to take the model I always use – See, Believe, Do – and apply it to over delivering for your customers.

SEE. See what it looks like. Sit down and think about what it would look like to deliver more than you promised – more than you are used to – more than your competition. Write it down. Visualize it.

BELIEVE. Believe in serving your customers. Remind yourself that they matter. Stay in a mode of wanting to help them. Believe they deserve to be treated even better than you promised – and many of your actions will just naturally flow out of that motive.

DO. Do it already. Come up with a plan. Follow the plan – one tiny step at a time. Think of EVERY place you have contact with a customer, or a potential customer – and plan one little thing you can do to over deliver. You’re filling an order? Get it there a day ahead of schedule. You get a call for a gig? Call them back today instead of tomorrow –  instead of just a quick email. Finished a job? Send a handwritten thank you note, or something that will mean something to them. Already been paid on the job? Then send them something nice – just because.

And you all know my mantra by now; it’s not about being better, it’s about being different.  So look for those small things you can do that your competitor doesn’t. These tiny things will make a BIG difference to your bottom line.


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  1. All motivational speakers SAY they believe this Kelly, but the proof is in the third step of your model. DO! And there’s where the wannabes are separated from the ones who are sought after, in high demand and out there working! It goes back to that quote we have heard a bazillion times: “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.” Who said that? Brian Tracy? Don’t know. Anyway, you nailed it. AND reminded me that today I must do SOMETHING that someone isn’t expecting me to do.

    Gotta run now. Must go over deliver.

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