Travel Much? THIS airline got customers (and non customers) raving about them!

Every business owner has probably asked himself or herself the question "How can we stand out from our competition?" or "How can we engage with our customers in a way that turns them into raving fans?" Well, Virgin America has done it.  I just saw this video and had to share it.  Which by the way, is another reason why I'm sharing it – here I am a motivational speaker who travels constantly for business and I am sharing a story about an airline I've never even been on! After seeing this, I want to book my next flight on them!

Watch this video for the humor, the genius of the flight attendant, the culture of the company to make this happen, but also let it be an eye-opener to YOUR business.  How can you get other people talking about you (in a good way of course) and a video like this that is going viral?  And the fact that this video is not a high-priced marketing video from an agency, it's from a …wait for it…a customer.  Here's to being different and having your customers love you – even when you're doing something as mundane as the safety instructions!

From your happy to jump on the 'be unique and fun' band-wagon motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman

Click on the video below and enjoy!


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  1. Oh how fun is THAT?!?!??! GREAT video! I want to hire that guy! For what, I don't know. I just want to hire him! 

  2. Now that's what I call body talk!!!  I think it's great that a company gives the go-ahead for a fun presentation like that. Do they fly to Peoria??

  3. The kid missed his calling!! What fun.

  4. This is so awesome Marilyn!  In the world of motivational speakers, just like these other industries, I have seen the VITAL importance in finding new ways to get peoples' attention. It's about time the airlines stepped up. :)

  5. Love love Tofally LOVE this Marilyn!  

  6. Plays into my theory — as founder of the consumer rights movement at Customer service is so uniformly bad that anyone who does it half right immediately becomes a superstar.

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