Today I Crossed Dreams With A Woman In Israel

I got a delivery today – something I ordered on the internet. It was my package of iron-on designs, to go on the next pair of custom pants I am designing. I've done two pairs so far, and let me just say that they ROCK. At least in my world. So I'm sort of addicted now. I mean who can pull off crazy pants other than a wacky keynote speaker, right? And on one of them I even put a beautiful fairy tale carriage on it made out of sequins and BEADS!!!!!! I know, right? TOTALLY ME! I also glued on exploding stars and hundreds of tiny pink beads that catch the light in the most absolutely wonderful princess-y way. I just love them. I call them my fairy tale pants. And sometimes I will walk in my closet and just look at them.

Anyway…The most current package that arrived today held four giant black and silver sequined butterflies – absolutely incredible – and proof that maybe I should start reading the descriptions, since they were each about five inches tall. (I pictured them smaller.) But I can make them work. They are just too beautiful not to display them. And the more I looked at them, the more beautiful they became, and it occurred to me that someone had hand-sewn those butterflies – each tiny bead – each tiny sequin – a labor of love. And I pictured a woman smiling as she created this beautiful piece of art. And I wondered who she was and where she lived.

I turned over the package and saw that her name is Keren and she lives in Israel. And I just stopped and sat and stared at those butterflies – made by a woman on the other side of the world. And I wondered if she was like me – not the hair extensions and bedazzled wardrobe me – but the me that has hopes and dreams – the me that has a son with scattered freckles who looks at me and makes me catch my breath because I never knew I could love someone that much. I wonder if she has a husband like mine who opens doors for her, and admires her work. Does she look in the mirror and touch her wrinkles? Does she have a sense of humor? Or is she perhaps shy?  I wondered if Keren was thinking about me as she packaged those butterflies – wondering who would wear the beautiful piece of art that for a moment was hers. Perhaps wondering if I would notice the work that went into every stitch. If I would appreciate what she had done.

And I do.butterfly

And so today I whisper to the stars,

Thank you, Keren, for sharing your amazing gift. I wish you all the best that life has to offer. As I held your beautiful butterflies I said a prayer – for your family, and for your dreams – that you would live a life of happiness and peace – with laughter sprinkled through like the sequins on these butterflies. Please know, that every time I wear these pants, it means I'm going after my dreams. And every time I wear these pants,  I will look down at the butterflies, and think of you going after yours. From a woman on the other side of the world, who has been blessed by your dream.

What a great day. Today I crossed dreams with a woman in Israel.

Good night. And sweet dreams.

(PS  If you want to visit my new friend just go to:   She's the shop owner, Keren. )



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  1. Very cool Kelly – I am sharing this one right now.  Wouldn't it be cool if you could reach out to Keren directly?  If so, share this blog with her.  It's beautiful!

  2. And thank you for sharing Keren with all of us. I kept wanting to break out into "It's a Small World…." in a good way. Not that obnoxious can't get the song out of my head way. We all are the same – you know that and that's why I adore you. By the way, I'm seeing two of those 5 inch butterflies on your back side so we can watch them fly as you walk away!

  3. Oh my gosh, Kelly. I'm weeping here. That was so so so SO beautiful and heartfelt and I loved it. And it was a perfect reminder that we should all take the time to marvel at something that someone else made or had a role in making. We should marvel and wonder and send them love and appreciation.  Wow. Thank you again SO much Kelly!!

  4. As a motivational speaker who once made her career in costuming, I can attest to the time and care a sequined piece like this takes!  I love that you have the heart to pause and consider the person behind the butterfly.  Thanks for the wonderful reminder to not take anything or anyone for granted!

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