‘Tis the Season to Be…Cranky?

Is it just me or have you noticed how the Cranky Level seems to get turned up for a lot of people during the holidays? And I can certainly understand that. Do ANY of these "reasons" look familiar?

1. I HATE spending money on obligatory gifts
2. I HATE spending money. Period
3. I WANT to buy people gifts but don't have any money
4. I HATE shopping during the holidays
5. Everyone has lost the true meaning of the holidays anyway
6. This means Uncle Festus will be coming over and he's worse than a root canal
7. Growing up in my house was a disaster every holiday season – I've got some bad associations
8. It's hard to be happy when there are so many cranky people all over the place

Oh, the list could go on and on, right?  And what we have grown to believe is well…NUMBER 8!  That WE can't be happy with all those idiots out there! And THAT isn't true!  

Well, correction. It actually IS true – if you SAY it is. 

So how do we remain happy inspite of it all?  Try some of these on for size:

1. DON'T spend money! Give gifts of your time, service and cost-free creativity! (see Colette Carlson's fabulous blog)
2. If you do have to shop – go during off hours or shop online.
3. You can't fix other people's attitude if they have lost the true meaning of the holidays. You CAN fix yours
4. REFUSE to let Uncle Festus bring you down! Hug him, kiss him, tickle him, tell him jokes, sing to him, dance with him. For YOUR fun! If he buys in great – if not, you'll have a fabulous story to tell your friends later. Plus the look of shock on his face will be worth it.
5. If you grew up in a home where the holidays were not so wonderful (that would be mine), DON'T GIVE THE MEMORIES IN YOUR BRAIN ONE SINGLE MORE HOLIDAY TO SCREW UP! You are, you know. By blaming the past, you are abdicating your power to create EXACTLYL what you want to create.
6.  To stay happy when others are determined to be cranky, keep your focus. Focus on what you are grateful for, on your friends, family and loved ones, on your cookies that are AMAZING, on your nail polish job which was brilliant (if you say so yourself), on the fact that you live in America! The list is endless. 

So repeat after me: "I am SOOOOO happy!" Yes! Yes! Say it right out loud! To ANYONE who asks you!! And when they ask why – you can show them your polish job.

From your Motivational Speaker, Linda Larsen – Happy because she says so…



Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen, CSP has been described by meeting planners and audiences as "hysterically funny," and "riveting." Known for her ability to connect on an authentic and emotional level with audiences, her spontaneous sense of humor, and her engaging and powerful stories, Linda is passionate about sharing ideas to help people live their finest, best, and most productive lives. Her riveting and true story of being kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint by an escaped convict, and the strategies she used to escape, will give people the tools THEY need to rise above any of life's toughest challenges, to communicate more effectively with THEIR difficult person, and to find creative solutions to THEIR problems. To book motivational speaker, Linda Larsen: 941-927-4700

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  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy after reading this blog! From just another motivational speaker who couldn't agree more. Now I'm going to share!

  2. Oh, Linda, I do relate to several things on that list and I'm so appreciative of your reminder to focus on the wonderful things I am grateful for.  I think my cookies will be fabulous and I'll drop some by your door!

    • Yes, please on the cookies, Poll!!!  I'll freeze them and have them after the first of the year.  I'm doing an absolute NO sugar holiday!  Cause I don't want to get caught up in the day after day of sugar consumption that seems to consume the  holidays.  Well, apples. I'm doing apples. Kiku fabulous apples loaded with cinnamon.  

  3. One of the things I am grateful for is my friendships that I have with fabulous women like you!  Thanks for sharing your world with me and the world!

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