Three Ways To Put Balance Into Your Day

It’s official – we all have more than we can get done in a day. I don’t care if you have ten children or none. Six pets or a hot dog cart on the corner of Main Street. We are ALL busy – torn between commitments, committees, meetings, obligations,work, church, community, friends, family, holidays, doctor appointments, car tune ups, paying bills – see, I’m just tired writing this email! Enter in Facebook and Pinterest and you could be heading towards a mental breakdown. Which is why life balance and stress are two hot topics for motivational speakers. Because many of us are out of balance and this leads to stress.

The answer is not easy – or we would have fixed it by now. But there are simple ways you can get a handle on your life. And it starts with getting a handle on your day.

First make a list of everything you are responsible for. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Pause. Keep going. Hopefully you will look at this list and see that it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to do all of this effectively while keeping your sanity and living a quality life.

So burn the list and start over by thinking of the three things that you want to have most in life – or want to get most out of life. I can’t tell you what to put on this list. And don’t you dare look at society to dictate what success and happiness will look like for you. If you look around, you will always compare and be trying to keep up.

It may take you a while to get your three. And you may find that a broad answer like “spirituality” is not specific enough and needs to be defined further – by thinking about what it looks like for you. You may find that “family” is too broad, and that you need to really laser focus on what it is you seek when it comes to family – dinners around a table, clean rooms, quality time spent together, a moment to listen? Again – don’t look around – look in – or look up for your guidance. If your career or hobby is one of your three – you will definitely need to go deeper – and figure out what that looks like.

Now that you have your three, you can measure any task/request/obligation against that focus. Sure, some things like oil changes just have to be done (then again…) but there are other things you are taking on that don’t align. Drop them. Say no. And don’t worry about having an excuse. This is your life – your responsibility to make it count, not theirs.

Once you have your three – you have your three ways to put balance into your day. Because now you have the three main areas of focus for each day. Now you can decide what each one of these three would look like on a daily basis. Maybe spiritual is not a daily thing – maybe it’s a weekly thing. But still. Take those big priorities and define them on daily basis.

Perhaps you may come up with something like this (just an example, not for you to copy!):

1. I want to spend fifteen minutes in prayer every day because spending time with God is important to me.

2. I want to read to my son for thirty minutes every day so I know we had our time together.

3. If I could only get one thing done every day to help grow my business, it would be to blog for an hour.

Now, give it a general time frame – or deadline. I know this is hard to do – especially for motivational speakers like me, who live a life where every day looks different. I can’t stick times on things, so I simply tell myself, “Before I go to bed, I want to have written a blog post.”

Now, here’s the tricky part. Doing it. And measuring yourself by it. I can’t make you do this. And it will take time to get adjusted. And you must resist the urge to measure yourself against that list you had in the beginning. Measure yourself against this three priority list. Hold yourself accountable to that – to something realistic.

And of course this list can change. That’s the beautiful thing – you are not the read of this fairy tale – you are the author. So pick up your pen and write a new chapter.

And if you need any help, I’m only a blog post away.


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  1. For a motivational speaker or anyone else, staying focused is the challenge. I like your “write it down” recommendation. Once something is in black and white it becomes concrete to us. I’d also add – share it with a friend. Now you’ve added an accountability aspect to make it more likely that you’ll stick to your guns.

  2. Great suggestions, Kelly. I studied at the Covey Leadership Institute in Utah about 13 years ago and became a certified facilitator for his day long workshop, First Things First.  We learned that YES, writing these things down is really important – AND, writing it down in your CALENDAR is even better!  Let’s say that you decide that it’s REALLY important to spend time with your elderly mom on a weekly basis.  So you put an entry on your calendar for Tuesdays at 8 a.m. to swing by her house, to have coffee and give her a hug.  She LOVES it when you do this!  But one Monday evening a girlfriend calls and says, “Hey! Let’s go have breakfast tomorrow morning and then go shopping.”  BECAUSE you have written it down in your calendar – you can honestly say, “Oh I’m sorry!  I have an appointment at that time!  What about Thursday.”  It’s just WAY to easy to say to yourself – “Well, I don’t REALLY have anything at that time, so I’ll go shopping.”  Things in our calendar don’t ALWAYS get done – but they sure do more often than not.  Thanks for the reminder, Kelly!

  3. So true that when you think it, ink it. This motivational speaker attended to her family this past weekend to find some balance. Didn’t even get on the computer (okay, perhaps just for a moment) for two whole days and instead connected with those under the same roof! Great suggestions, Kelly.

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