This Research Will Make You Want to Crawl Into Bed

Lack of sleep can lead to a sense of drunkenness, affecting productivity and health.Trying to lose weight? Go to bed! Here’s why. The latest research links lack of sleep with weight-gain, or as one article delicately described it, there is a “relationship between … sleeping less than six hours a night and obesity.” Our hormones get disrupted, we crave high-calorie foods when we’re up late – bowl of Chunky Monkey anyone? — and we’re too tired to exercise. Factor in alcohol and we create the perfect corpulent storm.  

As if I need further motivation to get myself into bed at a decent hour, a study just came out that claims women look oldest at 3:30 on Wednesdays. So now I have to go into hiding every Wednesday afternoon? Here’s why: Lack of sleep, indulging in booze over the weekend and work-stress conspire to show up on our faces by mid-day midweek. What do many of us do at this point? Reach for a sugary snack or caffeinated drink to boost our mood and energy. And the cycle continues.

Seems there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. I’m notorious for wishing for “just one more hour” to work on my latest project. I’m not alone – more than one-third of employees find that “extra hour” by eating lunch at their desks regularly. And vacations? Forget it. A recent survey found that Americans had an average of 9.2 unused vacation days last year, which was three days more than the previous year. Even when we do take vacations, half of us plan to take work with us.

What’s the solution? We obviously can’t create more time, but we can find ways to maximize our time by renewing our energy throughout the day. A new area of research shows that we can increase productivity and improve our health by incorporating daytime workouts (even 5 minutes of stretching counts!), afternoon naps (15-20 minutes works) and more hours of sleep at night. Sound advice – if you can find the time. Now excuse me while I go take a power nap!


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  1. Nice! Thanks Colette! Once again proving that even though you may be called a funny motivational speaker – you bring us GREAT bottom line, useful information! And I never even HEARD about the 3:30 Wednesday afternoon data. Is that Pacific Time or Eastern Time? It's 2:30 ET now.  Do I have time for a quick nap?

  2. This is advice that makes me happy as a motivational speaker who loves her sleep! I've also heard sleeping more makes you smarter. :)

  3. Yikes!  It's Wednesday.  Do you know where your eye bags came from?  Great information on the lag time of stressful behavior, Colette.  I'm thinking it would take the same amount of lag time to get back to a restful health.  At least that's how my fluctuation of weight works :)


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