The Truth About Facebook

Facebook likeWould you choose to be a loyal Facebook user if you were required to post one unpleasant hard, cold truth for every three “life is great” moments? Or if you had to post all vacation pictures – even the ones that look worse than your passport photo? Talk about facing your truth! Can you imagine?

Post: Finished off a bag of Dark Chocolate Milanos rather than make outgoing sales calls.

Post: Started romantic vacation with a nasty fight over directions to the condo. Still not speaking.

The truth according to research from Germany found that one in three people felt worse after visiting Facebook. "We were surprised by how many people have a negative experience from Facebook, with envy leaving them feeling lonely, frustrated or angry," researcher Hanna Krasnova told Reuters.

If you ever feel that way, remind yourself that most people’s pages are simply the highlight reel of their life, and dare not to compare. My friend Linda Larsen recently wrote about this in an insightful blog post. Yet, there’s also research that suggests Facebook can be your friend in those down in the dumps moments, as long as you stay on YOUR page!

Researchers at Cornell University provided study participants either positive or negative feedback on a speech they gave.  The participants then had the option to visit YouTube, news sites or their own Facebook page. Those receiving the negative feedback chose Facebook more often. Apparently, seeing all those family, friends, “likes,” photos of fun times and whatnot on your page is soothing to the wounded ego.  

I’m guessing we’ve all experienced both sides of this reality. Facebook can offer a great way to connect or re-connect with friends and loved ones — not to mention how handy it is to have those birthday reminders! And I always appreciate a status update that causes me to chuckle, ponder a truth, or motivates me to take action. As for the updates from that perfectly slender, funny, always sucking face with loving partner on a vacation in a tropical place with well-scrubbed children in cute outfits friend? Well, let’s just say, the ability to block people from the news feed is a great tool for ensuring peace of mind. 


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  1. How did you know I have daily struggles with Facebook, Colette?  The more highlights I see of people's incredible lives the less I'm inclined to post for 2 reasons: With a good post I feel like I'm competing and many, many days go by where nothing fun or extrodinary actually happens in my life TO post!  You're revelation to stay on my own page makes perfect sense.  Thank you for easing the facebook burden and sharing a path I can use!

  2. Colette – you once again speak your truth so well.  I struggle with posting too much positive and really don't want to put out there about my struggles.  I don't know – if it were people in my audience reading it, I would think they would say 'Practice what you preach front-row girl!'.  And, it's true, there are photos where the angle and the lighting and my previous meal made me look like a house – and no, I am not posting that.  Here's another funny thing I've noticed – everyone and their brother quotes motivational inspirational sayings – every time I read one, I think wow – now everyone is a motivational speaker!  Let's just say, I would be posting those quotes too, if Facebook didn't have 1 billion people already doing it!

  3. There are certainly downsides to Facebook for sure.  It's a chance to hang out with our friends, and like most events where we hang out with friends,  some of us lie, some of us spend the whole time complaining, some of us just talk about ourselves, some of us show us 4,000 pictures of our vacation, and some are just trying to sell us something. Yep, sounds like my last girls night. 

  4. Ha ha, Kelly, you are so right. It's a snippet of real life isn't it? And Colette – maybe that is the secret! Stay on my own page! But that's just too boring… I'm such a social creature. I want to play. Well, it's a fabulous thing to consider – this whole FB phenom.  Thanks for sparking my brain again!

  5. Post:  Looked at my to do list with 37 urgent items.  Checked Facebook.  "Woke up" 2 hours later.  

    Facebook was a bit of a wormhole for me until I was able to disconnect.  I was the baby always looking around and the kid who never wanted to miss anything and I was spending hours trying to be involved and engaged in everything especially my keynote speaker friends were doing onlne.  For me Facebook is now a treat I allow myself on a break, only if all my urgents are being looked after.  

    Thank you Colette, for reminding me that FB is a great little slice of entertainment, like a good fiction novel : ) 


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