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Today I want to share a beautiful post by my friend Iman Woods on the subject of body shaming. Please share it. We so need to change this conversation. And she takes a beautiful first step.



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  1. BRILLIANTLY said!!! This should be required reading for…well…EVERYONE! Thanks for sharing this, Kelly!

  2. I set foot on this planet without "thigh gap" and am destined for a life of chub rub no matter how many squats I do (or don't do). As a mother of daughters, I've worked hard at only helping them see their beauty, but unfortunately I still body-shame myself. Just this morning I was noticing the crepe paper skin above my knees when I flipped my thinning hair for the blow-dry. Sure, this motivational speaker substituted that nasty thought with a positive — just like I teach. BUT the thought still showed up – just like my heavy eyelids in the morning. Oops. There I go again. Beautiful reminder to focus on our beauty.

  3. Elaine on "Seinfeld" spoke the truth when asked what girls do (unlike the guys that "pants" each other) and she said, "We just tease each other into eating disorders."  It's near impossible to escape the body-shaming issue except when posts like this are shared, so THANK YOU Kelly, for casting the right light on this serious matter!

  4. Wow!  What a cool website I just stumbled onto!  All these great bits of info in one motivational place!

    Kelly,  Since I've long been a "meaty" Greek woman, who's hips come around a corner 2 minutes before I do…beauty is truly an INSIDE JOB!   Unfortunately, our society has created a false value system in a world of seriously overdrawn self esteem accounts.  When I consult leaders and teams, I constantly ask them to compliment their colleagues on SKILLS –not on outward appearance, looks, dress, etc.   SKILLs are internal  treasures which we can all raise the gold standard with—if we all make a conscious effort to focus on the things that are really important.  

    PS — I have lost a few inches off these baklava-loving hips while training for my first Half Ironman in Dec.   I must say the crowd seems to cheer most wildly for me and my "meatier" sistahs as we hoof it by them in our ever-shrinking "sausage suits" (a mono-racing suit).   I would also like to add that Spandex is a priviledge not a right.  

    A great read on a not-so-skinny subject!  :)  Thanks for sharing!  Kelli V.

  5. Kelli V – you crack me up! Glad to see you here, and love your words of encouragement. Hope to see you again here soon!

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