The Secret to Great Health Revealed by Two Old Maids

I heard a story once of these two old maids who were identical twins.  They never married and lived together all their lives.  Their lives were virtually identical:  they went to the same church, had the same friends, enjoyed the same hobbies, shared the same meals, rose at the same time in the morning and went to bed at the same time at night.

That’s why their long-time doctor was so baffled when one the the sisters’ health started declining in her late 70’s while the other sister was still wonderfully vital.  He tested and questioned and compared the twins until he came up with the only thing he could find that they had been doing differently.  For as long as she could remember, the healthy twin had always eaten a piece of fresh fruit as an afternoon snack and the other twin didn’t.

Could it be?  Could it be that a single piece of fresh fruit everyday, over the course of a lifetime could have the effect of preserving one’s health compared to the diminishing health of her twin who didn’t eat that piece-of-fruit-a-day?

I believe it to be true.  I believe very strongly that even a seemingly minor habit of eating one serving of a real, natural, whole, fresh food like a piece of fruit, or a side salad, or carrot sticks everyday over a lifetime has a significant effect on ones health as we age.  It doesn’t have to be the same real food over and over, like the healthy twin’s fruit routine, but any real food EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES, will give us a better quality of life now and especially in our golden years.

That story keeps me very conscious of my food choices today…for tomorrow.

What fresh food choices will you make today?

From your motivational speaker, Polly Pitchford, who has to go wash cantaloupe juice off her chin.


Motivational Speaker Polly Pitchford didn’t always know the phytochemical benefits of kale, in fact, those words weren’t even in her vocabulary 30 years ago. Neither did she see any reason to do jumping jacks on a cement surface for an hour. But all it took was a chance vegetarian cooking class and some high-energy music to open her eyes upon a whole new world of healthy living. For 30 years Polly has practiced, studied, taught, educated and lived a healthy lifestyle that makes her such a powerful speaker.

Polly’s down-to-Earth and humorous approach mirrors her own lifelong journey to lasting, positive changes. The audience walks away with tangible plans for improving their health and their lives through food, fitness and fun.
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  1. Your post is an incredible reminder that small stuff leads to big results! Thanks, Polly.

  2. Thanks for this fabulous reminder Polly. I tell you this for sure: When I am eating fresh live foods (at least one per day – I DO notice a big difference in how I feel after a couple of weeks. Granted I really do strive for FIVE servings of fruits and veggies everyday, but don’t always get that. But hey, if I aim for five and only get three, I’m still ahead of the game. I LOVE your happy, healthy reminders, Polly. LOVE them. 

  3. This is GREAT. Talk about a simple way to make a big change. Love it, love it, love it. And thanks for putting it into a way that this Cheeto-loving motivational speaker can wrap her brain around and actually do! 

  4. Hey Polly – if you were to choose one fruit, which would it be?  I’m really into fresh blueberries lately.  Good choice?  Thanks for all of your heath tips!

    • Hi Marilyn ~  Blueberries score at the top of the charts for phytochemicals and antioxidants and other 5-syllable nutrients (:)) so by all means they get my vote.  What I really do is love each and every fruit that is at its peak of its season and gobble it up then and move on to the next fruit that’s at its peak.  So eat all the dark berries now, move onto cherries and other pitted fruits in a couple of weeks and before you know it, it will be apple and pear season in the fall!

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