The Scrabble Game

IMG_0440I recently wrote a blog entitled, Your Final Hours – What Do They Feel Like? wherein I asked my readers (and myself) to take a look at the end of our life and examine what that experience might be like.  And that got me to thinking…

My son Miles, clearly one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given in my lifetime, broke his collarbone in a softball game a few years back.  First of all, thank you God, that it was only his collarbone and nothing more serious.  And because he needed to be immobile during the early stages of his recovery, he stayed with us at our house.

After about four days he was well enough that he could sit up and was bored enough that he asked if I would play Scrabble with him.  When he was little I used to play a lot with him, but we hadn't played for years.  And even though I had a million things to do, I joined him in a game. And yes, during the game my brain kept creeping back to the client calls I needed to make, the powerpoint presentation I needed to create, and all the marketing materials that needed to go out, but I stayed with him and the game and actually had a great time.

But when he asked to play a second game, I thought about all those things that I should be doing and I hesitated.  And in that hesitation, I remember thinking, "Linda, this is one of those moments.  If he got hit by a car tomorrow, how would you feel that you did not spend this one hour playing Scrabble with him?  Or if you were dying, would you be thinking, 'Oh, I'm so glad I made business phone calls that afternoon instead of playing Scrabble with Miles?'" 

We played a second game. And if remember correctly, a third. Of course he beat me every time.

We have THE greatest gift life has to offer.  We have now.  Right this very minute – and the one after that and the one after that.  And in each one of these now moments we have the power to choose love, compassion and generosity of spirit. 

I am inviting you to make a conscious choice to live each moment such that, on your deathbed, you will have no regrets.  Is that possible?  Probably not.  But does that mean that you just abandon the notion and let caprice and whimsy toss you hither and yon?  Why not set this intention and then, just like a compass aligned with magnetic north, allow it to keep pulling you back on course when you slip off? 

What does it take to do this?  Consciousness, I believe.  First of all, get crystal clear about what values ARE the absolute most important ones in your life.  And then ask yourself to wake up, get off autopilot, and pay attention.  Demand of yourself that you live in integrity with those values and strive never to compromise. 

I hope you have a Value Filled Day. Oh – and why not invite someone over for a game of Scrabble?  Or – as evidenced in the photo above – a baseball game?

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  1. Love this, Linda! I still fight the work demons that call to me at all hours of the day, and I get better at choosing those I love. In our ever-demanding world, this becomes more difficult daily, yet never more important to follow. Prior to reading this blog, chatted up with my folks for a good half hour during WORK hours. I'm working it….like you suggest.

  2. So true, Linda. So true. And, sadly, there are many people out there this week who know exactly what you mean. My heart goes out to the families out there who suffered loss this week – and how they are wishing they had just one moment back. Thanks for the reminder. I hope I heed it sooner rather than later.

  3. This is great Linda – spending time with the one's you love.  It really is all about what you value! Awesome reminder.  And, I love the photo of you and Miles! :)

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