The Legend of Lover’s Leap

Your-Communication-Connection-Speaker-Colette-CarlsonWhile kayaking down Lake Lillinonah I reflected on the Indian legend of Chief Waramaug’s daughter, Princess Lillinonah. In a nutshell, Lillinonah fell in love with a white man, her father forbade the relationship and when her lover was late to return she assumed he wasn’t coming. Lillinonah took a canoe down river toward the rapids and when her lover showed up and saw her in danger jumped into the river below. They both went over the falls and died on the rocks below. From this, the gorge derived the name Lover’s Leap. A few thoughts of my own jumped to mind.

1. Let people love who they love. As a mother of two daughters (18 and 19) there will come a day when they bring home someone they’ve chosen to love. No matter the circumstances, may I be open-minded enough to welcome them into my heart.

2. Choose life. No matter how dire a situation may feel in the moment, know you can handle it. Hang in there through the pain and it will eventually lighten.

And then being me, I thought of my motivational speaker friend Linda Larsen’s blog (funny and filled with truth) about her upper arms. Yup, a few deep thoughts and then I went shallow thinking about how my flabby arms we’re getting a rare upper body workout. Paddling on…



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  1. Great pearls of wisdom Colette!  

  2. What a coincidence, I was just about to start  MY blog post with While Kayaking down Lake Lillinonah I reflected on the Indian legend of Chief Waramaug’s daughter, Princess Lillinonah. Just kidding, Colette. I don’t think I could repeat nor spell that sentence again if my life depended on it. All joking aside – that was a beautiful post – with a beautiful message that many parents need to hear. Love your children unconditionally. It’s a great gift to give them, and a great thing to teach them. Thanks for paddling into my day, Colette. You made it better. Now paddle onward and see if you see anyone diving into the river for chocolate.

  3. Yes, oh yes, Ms. Colette.  I remember when my beloved son (age 23) came home with a new girlfriend who was…well….how do I put this…different.  A very vocal part of me wanted to shout to him (after she left of course), “Have you lost your flippin’ mind????”  We must think alike on this one, Colette, because I smiled, was delightfully pleasant to her while she was there, and after she left – said NOTHING to my son except, “She seemed really nice.”  After about a month or so – he had moved on.  I do wonder if she would have appeared MUCH more attractive though, if I had told him what I REALLY thought!  Very good reminder for us all, Colette!

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