The Key To Making More Money As A Motivational Speaker

motivational speaker on stageKnow Who Your Customer Is And What They REALLY Want

The business of motivational speakers is crowded, competitive, and not easy to find the gigs, or get them when you do.  While being a good speaker is the most important part and so often overlooked as speakers try to outsell a crappy speech, it is also important to know what you're selling, and who is buying it, and why.

Who Is Your Customer?

 Do you know your customer? Not just the one who already hired you, but the one you WANT to hire you? The one you want to attract and compel? Do you know the customer you seek?  

Do you go into a gig thinking you're only customer is the one who hired you, when there are actually many customers in this equation?  The meeting planner, the person sitting in the audience, the owner of the company, the vendor who sponsored you, the non-profit who hosted the entire event………there are many people you have to please with that speech.  Does your webiste text, sales language, and speech content speak to every customer you have?

As you head into 2016 and create your business plan for the year, take some time to write down who your customer is. 

What does that customer REALLY want?

We think that every customer wants our positive power passion formula to a happy life.  No, they don't. They don't wake up in the morning wishing they could find someone to give them a power passion formula to a happy life.  They wake up wishing they weren't so stressed. They wake up wishing they weren't scared to try new things. They wake up wishing they could find the right keynote speaker for their conference who would kick off the event in an amazing way. They wake up wishing their employees cared more about their jobs. They wake up wishing they could the business instead of their competitors.

Your customers aren't asking for your quippy tagline. They are asking for what that quippy tagline will help them do on Monday.

The quippy taglines are important when it comes to presenting your content in a fresh and relevant way. But without speaking their language, you're not connecting all the dots.  Your quippy tagline is how it's wrapped. What THEY want is the result of that quippy tagline in their life and work.

So as you review your web text, sales language, and speech – ask yourself if you're speaking the language of what they want. What is the pain they are trying to avoid or the pleasure they seek?  Are you waiting until you get the gig to find out, or speaking to that pain on your website and sales call in order get the gig?  

While being remarkable at what we do and the experience we deliver is the fastest ticket to more bookings and higher fees – we MUST be able to explain how that experience will make them more money – how that experience will speak to the pain they want to avoid or the pleasure they seek.

The Three Stories We Must Always Tell in Business

I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but it always comes back to the three stories of impact and influence that we must be able to tell as motivational speakers.

The About Me Story…Your unique perspective on the world. The unique experience you create with your content on stage that makes you unforgettable. Why they should pick you over the others. Or as I teach my keynote coaching clients "Your life's journey to the truth you teach."

The Message Story....Your content wrapped in a way they've never heard before. The same truths wrapped in a new twist. Old words and concepts made new. The new way you have of speaking about different genders. The fresh spin on customer service. 

The Customer Story…How your content helps them get what they want. The takeaways that are exactly what they are asking for – that gets them nodding and saying "Yes! We need that!"  And what do most businesses always need? More business, stronger leaders, more productive teams, better customer service, more sales – the evergreen topics.

The winning formula for making more money as a motivational speaker 

Answers They Need To Problems They Have or Pleasures They Seek  +  Wrapped in a fresh exciting relevant way they've never heard before +  That is based on your unique perspective and life experiences that brought you to these conclusions


Helping you sell more on Monday…….through my new inverted sales funnel approach…….that I learned from ____ and _____ and _______




Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson - called one of North Carolina's funniest women by Our State Magazine. Kelly lifts the spirits of audiences from coast-to-coast using humor, storytelling, and lives of the characters from Prides Hollow - Kelly's make believe small town. This unique approach to motivational speaking allows Kelly to break through communications barriers and connect directly to the audience's imagination.
Her powerful stories and wacky wit will make you laugh, remind you that you matter, show you how to see beyond your obstacles, and teach you how to stand up and stick out in a crowded market.
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  1. Kelly, I really like how you summed this up: "The Three Stories We Must Always Tell in Business"

  2. Very very VERY well said. As a motivational speaker on customer service, I believe that what you say applies in that arena as well! If I'm going to provide AMAZING customer service, I need to know exactly who my customer is. What are their concerns and what do THEY really want. And finally, your customer has a story that you probably what to connect to, YOU have a story that they NEED to connect to, and you'd better fully understand your company's message. Good stuff Kelly!

    • Yes, Linda. I do think this applies to customer service as well. In these economic times, it's not what we offer (our products, our experiences, our features or services) that truly gets us the business – it's the EXPERIENCE we offer those buying our products. And the key to providing that remarkable customer experience is found in our ability to connect with their story, instead of making them connect to ours. Which brings up a tricky issue……how can you tap into someone's story when you have a line of customers, and only a few minutes?  That's where I'm scratching my head.  Thoughts?

  3. As a wellness speaker mine is easy: The pain of The South Beach Diet.  The pleasure of Rocky Road :)  Seriously though, what those attendees do on Monday with our message is the golden egg.

  4. Thrilled you continue to reinforce the power behind your three stories. This message applies to motivational speakers, leaders, sales people, customer service and anyone who wants to continue to be employed. You encorage me to continue to work at my story to develop a powerful connection to the audience which leads to behavioral changes and taking action.

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