The Key to Greatness by Raymond Shinault

I have a new friend in the world of motivational speakers, and his name is Raymond Shinault. Today, I would like to share him with my world, and the article he wrote. Enjoy!

~~The Key To Greatness
by Raymond Shinault

The desire to succeed or achieve greatness runs deep in society, yet many struggle to realize it in their lives. Set backs, disappointments causes them to quit doing the things that are needed to achieve greatness. Only a few men and women improve their lives year after year and eventually achieve this greatness we all talk about. Greatness is determined by service, finding a way to serve the many is a huge key to greatness. Greatness is the full development of our potential, and the wise use of all our resources. My mentor the great late Jim Rohn taught me this.

The Manifestation of Greatness begins through developing yourself daily through education, training, and personal development. Once you have been educated you will now move on to the market place. Here you will, be trained to operate in the profession you have chosen. Once you have been trained to operate in that profession, now comes more personal development. Once there you will have to work harder on yourself than you work on anything else. Why? to make yourself more valuable to the market place. We call this self study committing to life long learning and developing yourself to a high standard in the world and the market place. But If you just take care of yourself, that’s okay. But caring for yourself alone doesn’t lead to greatness.

In the Bible this question was asked "How do we achieve greatness great power, great wealth, great recognition, great self-esteem, and great influence?" And the master responded by saying, "The formula is to find a way to serve the many; for service to many leads to greatness." The more people you serve, the greater your rewards. Success comes to those who serve others, and the best thing you can do for them is to develop yourself through personal development.

Personal development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and your full-potential. By focusing on your personal development you can foster confidence, leadership skills and critical thinking. Personal growth and development are relevant to the market place and life. Development is a process of changing for the better, there is always something about ourselves we can improve on. The people that you have the opportunity to serve in life because you improved yourself, will gain so much more from your personal growth than they would without it. To the leaders who are giving their lives to impact and change this world through encouraging and inspiring and motivating the masses with their story and what they have learned in life. Remember this The Key to Greatness is the full-development of our potential and the wise use of all of our resources. Find a way to serve the many and this will lead you to GREATNESS!!!!

Raymond Shinault
Author/Youth Speaker/Coach
Book: Living Your Life's Purpose


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  1. I love this article Raymond! Because I do believe in the power of service over self. Bless and you will be blessed.

  2. Wow! When the focus goes to developing self in order to better serve others I get a huge boost of motivation to do just that.  It makes the self doubt and other obstacles melt away.  I'm a new fan!

  3. Great article – from obviously a wise, wise man. And I can hear Jim Rohn's influence all througout it. Fantastic reminder once again, of what is really important.

  4. I like this guy already Kelly!  Thanks for introducing us to him!

  5. Yes, I too hear Jim Rohn's influence and love the message. As Polly said, when you choose self-development to better serve, takes away any fears. Beautiful!

  6. I love this approach to life – and thank you for the beautiful introduction!

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