The Brilliance of Putting Your Face in My Face

I am a motivational speaker now, but I used to be a professional stage actor for many years.  I received my AEA “Equity Card” (the stage actors’ union) at the Golden Apple Theater here in my home town where I had performed in several shows. And something happened at that theater a long time ago that FOREVER changed how I look at getting jobs, or the sale, or the call, or the “break.”

One day I was driving down the street where the theater office was located.  The office door was very close to the street and JUST as I drove past the front door of the theater the traffic slowed way down due to congestion.

At exactly that moment, the front door of the theater opened and one of the owner/directors walked out. She looked up and we saw each other at the same time.  Then I saw a slow motion movie play out in her eyes.  It went like this:

1. At first she looked like she didn’t recognize me.
2.Then her face change as she realized it was me.
3. Next – a HUGE light bulb went off above her head and her face lit up
4. Then she shouted out, just as I was coasting past, “Do you want to work? I have a role for you!”

Make no mistake about it. She did NOT have me in mind for a role before she set eyes on me.  But it was the “setting of her eyes on me” – that PUT me in her mind for a role.

So if you want people to think of YOU when they are

  1. Looking for someone with your skills
  2. Looking to buy a product or service like yours
  3. Asked to recommend someone with your product or service
  4. Looking for someone to take on a trip to Hawaii
  5. Trying to think of someone to give their extra $100 Cirque du Soleil ticket to…

then put your face in their face every opportunity you get!  And btw, you can also do this by a quick phone call, referring someone to THEIR business, an occasional “thinking of you” card, going regularly to community meetings, luncheons, benefits, your place of worship, etc.

So come on, let me see your gorgeous face!  I just might have something for you!

From your happy motivational speaker and frequent blogger, Linda Larsen



Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen, CSP has been described by meeting planners and audiences as "hysterically funny," and "riveting." Known for her ability to connect on an authentic and emotional level with audiences, her spontaneous sense of humor, and her engaging and powerful stories, Linda is passionate about sharing ideas to help people live their finest, best, and most productive lives. Her riveting and true story of being kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint by an escaped convict, and the strategies she used to escape, will give people the tools THEY need to rise above any of life's toughest challenges, to communicate more effectively with THEIR difficult person, and to find creative solutions to THEIR problems. To book motivational speaker, Linda Larsen: 941-927-4700

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  1. Linda,

    I walked in at the end of one of Kelly’s speeches last week, and she had something similar to say. Her take was that opportunities often go to those who have the courage to just show up. I can hardly count the times Kelly’s career has catapulted because she was willing to step out and take on something new. Kelly took some of these bold steps early in her career – like the time she applied to do a breakout session at her first NSA convention — and got it! Kelly saw no reason why she shouldn’t just go for it. Many of her speaker friends were flabbergasted You both have a brilliantly simple formula for a more getting more out of life.

    • Oh yes, Bill. Motivational speaker Kelly Swanson walks this talk BRILLIANTLY! And who was it, Woody Allen I think, who said “90% of success is just showing up.” And methinks I totally messed up that quote – but you get the point…

  2. This is so true Linda. And really speaks to the fact that much of what happens in our life comes down to good old fashioned timing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Linda, you are right on the money. Some call in right time, right place but the bottom line is it wouldn’t happen if you didn’t show up. This motivational speaker showed up at a Dude Ranch the past four days! Spent time being face to face with a horse and it was a wonderful ride.

  4. I love your post and all the comments Kelly! I have my two cents…Several years ago, I went early to a convention (as a motivational speaker I like to attend as much of the conference as possible) and shared the extra night in the hotel with another speaker. We both met up at the room late afternoon. I was in my business suit and she was in her bathing suit! I spent the extra time attending the first timers event and she spent her time working on her tan at the pool. I don’t know how many spin-off engagements she got, but two women who I met at that first timer session have hired me for a total of 7 times. Me likes showing up just in case opportunities knock…

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