The Best 5 Minute Wake Up Routine

Splash of cold water on the face.  Push coffee brew button.  Feed cats. Hurry here.  Your cats really think they’re going to starve. Most people think that after these few tasks they are awake.  Ah, but your body is not.

Believe me, as a motivational speaker on healthy lifestyle I’ve sipped a cup of coffee and headed into my work day just like this and thought all was well.  But then I consciously carved out 5 more minutes to do some simple stretches, followed by 15 seconds of gentle prancing and shaking of my arms.  Don’t worry, no one is watching (or should be)!  Believe me when I tell you that the “awake” I feel then is 1,000 times more invigorating because I’ve started the blood really flowing to my spine and into my brain.  Follow the link below and try this 5 minute routine and feel the amazing difference in your energy! !

P.S. The pictured poses are no where near what my body is able to do at 5:00 a.m. but go gently into each stretch and it will feel wonderful when you’re done!

P.P.S.  When you open the link the series of stretches appears in the middle of the page under “5 Minute A.M. Routine”

From you motivational speaker, Polly Pitchford, who will try anything make 5:00 a.m. feel like it’s a good time to get up.


Motivational Speaker Polly Pitchford didn’t always know the phytochemical benefits of kale, in fact, those words weren’t even in her vocabulary 30 years ago. Neither did she see any reason to do jumping jacks on a cement surface for an hour. But all it took was a chance vegetarian cooking class and some high-energy music to open her eyes upon a whole new world of healthy living. For 30 years Polly has practiced, studied, taught, educated and lived a healthy lifestyle that makes her such a powerful speaker.

Polly’s down-to-Earth and humorous approach mirrors her own lifelong journey to lasting, positive changes. The audience walks away with tangible plans for improving their health and their lives through food, fitness and fun.
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  1. Okay I think I printed out the right thing. I found 5 minute AM routine closer to the top of the page on the right.  But I think it’s the right thing.  I’m going to LAMINATE this page and put it right by my bedside so that I will remember to do it every single day.  It looks like something I can do!  Yay! And thank you!

  2. I recognize all these poses from my hot pilates class, but never thought of starting my day with them! Thanks Polly! (That’s why YOU are the go-to expert on health and wellness!)

  3. Awesome! I’m going to try this. But I think I’ll put a flip in at the end.

  4. I’ll stretch and flip twice! Kidding….I’m up for a good stretch, though. Thanks.

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