The 3 Truths of Great Service

Some of us are born to be motivational speakers, some of us are better off fixing cars but all of us can benifit from the following advice I found posted in the break room of Whole Foods, where I still chef.  I quickly made a copy and am sharing these wise words below because I know that you other amazing speaker-friends of mine can share this wisdom so wisely!

"1.  Let Go Of Ego

If you make the choice to work in the service field, you need to make the choice to put your guests before yourself.  Putting your own needs and pride before those of your guest only leads to unsatisfying experiences for you both.  You can gain real empowerment when you develop your skills in delightlng people, and you can enjoy some great new relationships when you make the personal investment.

2.  Talk Them Through The Experience

One of the most poweful strategies for leaving a lasting, positive impression with a guest is to talk them through their entire experience leaving no surprises or questions unanswered.  Tell your guest when you have to do something differently or do anything for them that they may not expect.  Keep the communication going from the first moment you see them all the way throuhg to the guest leaving.  Remember that honesty and sincerity are a must when you use this approach but if you can master it, there will be no stopping you.

3.  Every Guest Is Your Guest

Sometimes people in the service industry think their only job is to help the person directly in front of them waiting for service.  Great service is recognizing that your area of influence goes well beyond the one guest in front of you.  Every person in your view, proximity or on the phone or even in email is your guest, deserving your attention and your effort.  Great service is also making sure each guest gets your focus during their entire experience, and it doesn't end when another Team Member becomes involved – that's just your opportuntiy to learn from another Team member to help with the next guest.  Take full ownership for every guest's complete satisfaction.

Enjoy the empowerment that you are offered as a Team Member to impress every guest."

Pretty great, isn't it?  I know that it takes more than reading this advice to have it seep into your pores and become the awesome customer service person of the land.   It takes understanding oneself, focusing on one aspect at a time and putting it to practice for weeks on end until it becomes natural, all the while fending off the horrific, rightous customer….jeez!  I dare say these 3 truths of customer service could serve everyone well in life!  

What do you think?

From your motivational speaker, Polly Pitchford, who would love to welcome you as my guest!



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  1. Polly, if only those truths were posted and practiced in every room! Great reminder to serve others through sincerity, and open and honest communcation. My favorite line of all: If you make the choice to work in the service field, you need to make the choice to put your guests before yourself. Like you mentioned, this works in the motivational speaking world as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it love it love it. So true. Thanks for sharing Polly! Now I'm going to share this too.

  3. By the way Polly….Is there a Half Foods?

  4. Wow, Polly, GREAT advice!  And what I love is that these 3 little ideas are simple and easy to remember!  But even as simple as they are – and easy to remember, you are very right. They can be difficult to remember when you are faced with that cranky, snarky, gripey person.  Maybe I need to print out a copy to carry around with me! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love these three ideas. As a motivational speaker with clients in the restaurant world, I'm hyper-sensitive to good and bad customer service.  Your point #3 about Every Guest is Your Guest is not always practiced.  Whenever I have to flag down a server and they tell me, 'No problem, I'll get your waitress', I always think, okay, I guess I am not a customer to you.  Great advice Polly.

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