Thanks God for not answering my prayer

I woke up this morning with my 5-year old son Jack’s feet wedged into my ribs whilst his sister Erin (7) strategically positioned behind me, kicked me in the back. Thank goodness for king sized beds and spring break. As I grunted, the sun just raising its sleepy head peeked between the clouds and as I listened to everyone snore, I smiled… life was indeed very good!

On Tuesday I leaned that we had failed to land a key project at opusdynamic, our consulting firm. I was peeved! We’d seemingly done everything right. We had the right offer, the right client relationship, the client saw the value and they had the budget and the wherewithal to bring us in. On top of that, I’d prayed so hard… working on the premise of ask and you shall receive, my prayers of late had been starting with “Thy will be done” but just to make sure that the Big Guy upstairs and I were on the same page, I’d added “and God you know that means I’d really like this project to land in April” – all said, I felt confident that God and I were on the same page and that the project was as good as ours. And then our client informed us that a corporate wide freeze on external spend had just been announced and that our project was off the table. Did I mention I was peeved?

Wednesday wasn’t a real good day.

Thursday was. With a whole lot of time/availability unexpectedly on our hands and being open to new possibilities… a new opportunity arose. One we wouldn’t have been able to entertain had the project proposal we’d been working on so diligently, landed. Not only was it a new opportunity… it’s a fabulous opportunity!

So as I lay there this morning, smiling into this new day… I said a quick prayer that started with “Hi God, thanks for not answering my prayers…”


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  1.  Congrats Paul – God knows more than us and sometimes (all the time?) his bigger picture is bigger than ours!  Happy Easter Weekend my friend!

  2. I love this post, Paul.  And I love you for reminding me that there is ALWAYS a higher reason and purpose for what happens in our lives.  I do forget this and NEED the reminder….and need it RIGHT NOW, actually.  This big old wonderful job I thought I had (sounds like yours) seems to be disappearing before my very eyes.  While I’ve had my moments of angst – I do always eventually come back to that realization that maybe God has something else even better for me, or maybe I am being kept safe by not traveling to that place, or whatever.  I will ALWAYS come back to “God has a MUCH better perspective on this big picture and knows exactly what needs to happen!”  I need to trust that.  AND I need to have people like YOU to remind me to trust that!!!  Thank you again!

  3. Isn’t it cool that His ways are not our ways! I am confident that He has a much grander plan than any I could envision. Thanks for sharing Paul!

  4. Sounds like you were “nudged” in a better direction and your daughter’s feet in your back confirmed it!!

  5. Beautiful post, Paul. Not only can time provide perspective, but little feet too can remind us all of what’s most important. Congrats on the new venture.

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