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Employee-Appreciation-DayLike many motivational speakers I am on the road a lot, but when I'm home I love to lose myself in one of several favorite television shows. And tonight, snuggled up in my living room with my doggies curled up beside me, I watched the provocative and always entertaining show, Mad Men.

In tonight's show, Peggy Olson is complaining to her boss, Don Draper, that she doesn't get credit for her ideas, especially one for a television commercial that won him an award. He yells at her, "That's your job! I pay you money and you give me ideas." She blurts out, "And you never thank me!" He angrily replies, "That's what the money's for!"

Oh how I wish I could say that this idea – that a paycheck should keep an employee happy and feeling validated is truly a "seventies" phenomena and no one believes that today. But sadly, that's not true. I have seen examples of that very idea in practice in companies and offices all around the country. Offices with some very unhappy workers who do just about as little as they possibly can to get along, by the way.

And it's not just in the workplace where this happens. There is an old joke about a woman who complains to her husband that he never tells her he loves her, to which he replies, "I married you, didn't I?"

I'd like to offer a suggestion to anyone reading this post:

Every single day, think of three people who have done – or are doing SOMETHING that you appreciate, like, admire, want more of, think is cool or whatever – and tell them. You can send an email, leave a voice message, do a face-to-face encounter, or send an actual card to (and yes, go ahead and send a real live card in the mail right now, if you like – for F.R.E.E., on me.) 

Take this little Gratitude Challenge for thirty days and you will have positively impacted NINETY people! Wow! Ninety!

I just started my own thirty day challenge and will be reporting back on July 9th to let you know how it went. I'd LOVE for you to join me and share YOUR results!

Oh happiness!







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  1. I am grateful to the moon and beyond, for YOU Ms Linda!   You truly live this way every day, so I know your 30 day challenge is going to touch the lives of many many many people.  You make such a positive impact on us with the advice and support you give here each day, as well as being a professional role model for our keynote speaker businesses.   As our good friend Shakespeare said "Thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks."

  2. Thank You — the incredible professional speakers who contribute to this blog and inspire me greatly! And thank YOU to my mother who made us write our thank you notes within 24 hours of every gift  received. She set me up for a life-long habit that has served me well throughout my career and with friends and family. Still harp on my own girls to do the same. What a wonderful challenge you've created Linda for so many!

  3. Such a great post Linda! And you definitely walk the talk on this one!!!! I definitely don't thank as much as I should. I can always do one better. Your comment on the husband and wife reminds me of the scene in Fiddler on the Roof where he sings, "Do you love me?" And she keeps saying, things like "I've cooked for you – cleaned for you – birthed your children – millked the cows – after twenty five years why talk about love right now?" Beautiful song and a moment that showed just what you are talking about – that sometimes knowing isn't enough – we need to hear it. So thank you Linda for all that you do and all that you are. Knowing you has been one of the highlights of my life. And I mean it.

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