Compassionate Action

As a motivational speaker, I’m inspired by stories of compassion that include taking action which brings me to 31-year-old, Michigan police … [Read more...]

Stop the Judgment!

I'd never let someone else raise my child! That helicopter mother needs to get a life! Guess who didn’t show up again for … [Read more...]

Trade in the Gym for a Girlfriend?!

Want to live longer? Set aside the never-ending to-do list, grab a girlfriend and belt out “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”  If you’re a guy reading this, … [Read more...]

Pass It On!

“Rather than send me a check for a few bucks, I’d rather you pass it on. Find a serviceman or woman and treat them to a cup of coffee or meal,” said … [Read more...]

How Do You Feel About World Peace?

As a motivational speaker, I have mixed feelings about World Peace...the LA Lakers player who was recently suspended 7 games for a vicious elbow to … [Read more...]

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Late last week I flew to Richmond, VA for Executive Women International’s Academy of Leadership. I taught, "Leadership: It All Begins with … [Read more...]