Another Mom Moment

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If the Coliseum is open during restoration, we can be too!

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Funny Motivational Speaker’s Tale of a Love Note Gone Bad

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Wise words from one of the richest men in the world

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Something Bigger To Believe In

When I got to speak to the marine spouses at Camp LeJeune, I had the honor of staying at the Brigadier General's house. What an honor! And what an … [Read more...]

Why do you work?

Do you ever wonder what goes on in the mind of the world’s most powerful CEOs? As I prepare a presentation for a group of emerging leaders, … [Read more...]

Living In The Leap

As you know, I meet a lot of people on the road as motivational speaker - and this is a family I met when I was in Oregon. I think their story … [Read more...]

Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Who do you want to be when you grow up?   It's a question we often ask our children, but hesitate to ask ourselves. We … [Read more...]

The Power in an Accountability Partner

Hi, this is Scott Q Marcus. He's a Thinspirational Speaker - check him out!  (  He's also my … [Read more...]

Somebody’s Gonna Pay!

I'm on another flight last week, waiting to get off the plane. At the moment when you can remove your seat belts and get your stuff, the … [Read more...]