Six top speakers to appear together at National Speakers Association convention

Wow. That's all I can say with the news that six of America's top speakers will appear together at the 2014 National Speakers Association … [Read more...]

Pump Up Your Optimism!

Here's what we know:  Optimistic people perform better on aptitude tests, on the playing field, at work and in school.  They are healthier, more … [Read more...]

BRILLIANT Book on Relationships!

Okay, okay, I KNOW this book is entitled, Building a House Together, but it is about soooo much more than just building or remodeling a house.  The … [Read more...]

Oh No, No, No, No, No….

Have you ever had this happen?  You say something that isn’t accurate.  Then the person you are talking to responds with five, six, or seven rapid, … [Read more...]

You Don’t MEAN to Sound That Way? Then You Probably Do!

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Down with the Goat-getters

When I'm conducting sessions on effective communication skills, people frequently ask me what to do when THAT person, makes one of THOSE disparaging … [Read more...]

Ouch! Red Hot Motivational Speaker!

Inflammation.  As a motivational speaker who is constantly traversing the country, I don't even like to SAY that word.  I've got the knee that is … [Read more...]

Motivational Speaker Commits Meatball Murder

I'm a pacifist by nature. I am. I once held a .357 Magnum  in my hand and had the opportunity to shoot an escaped convict who was holding me hostage. … [Read more...]