Somebody’s Gonna Pay!

I'm on another flight last week, waiting to get off the plane. At the moment when you can remove your seat belts and get your stuff, the … [Read more...]

Motivational Speakers On Embracing Change

Update 4/22/13:  Since I wrote this post, I have had three other companies talking about this very same issue. Apparently telling your story is … [Read more...]

Is Explosive Change Possible?

Being married to a motivational speaker can be eye-opening at times. I've seen Kelly repeatedly take on challenges, often outside her comfort … [Read more...]

Motivational speaker has a reason to not hate the Packers now!

Yes, hate is a very strong word.  For years, well since the Green Bay Packers came to San Diego to play my favorite team, the Denver Broncos in the … [Read more...]

Motivational Speaker seeking lemonade from lemons

You know... there are some days when I get caught up being so busy that I (ever so briefly) loose sight of what’s really important to me. Fortunately … [Read more...]

The Golden Rule

My dear friend and really funny motivational speaker, Kelly Swanson recently wrote a blog “Nice or B****y – Who Wins?” which got me to thinking about … [Read more...]

Adversity doesn’t build character insomuch as it reveals it

A friend of mine, M, was describing a conversation he’d just had with his legally blind sister-in-law. She’d just returned from a visit to her doctor … [Read more...]

Right or Happy?

Status quo at our home, eight-year-old Kate’s four-year-old brother Jack, who idolizes her, was intentionally/unintentionally irritating her and she’d … [Read more...]

Motivational Speaker’s Declaration: The Truth WILL Set You Free. But First…

Have you ever had people give you a specific criticism (more than a couple of times) and you're first thought was, "Who? ME?"  You just couldn't … [Read more...]