Study Proves the Value of Laughter To Women – And What This Means To Your Bottom Line

It's not the first time someone has studied the benefits of laughter. So this is more of a reminder lesson – kind of like not wearing shoes after Labor Day, making sure your belt matches your shoes, and not breastfeeding at the salad bar. Today's lesson is simple, so I will be brief. (Which for me means 470 words instead of 500.)

Anyway…Skinny Cow did a study on laughter. I pasted it below. But here's the skinny: Women love to laugh – more than getting shoes – more than jewelry – more than chocolate. And if we love laughter more than chocolate – well, that's BIG.  (Okay, miss contrary, maybe you don't like chocolate or jewelry – this is a survey – they don't mean every woman on the planet. They mean a majority.) This is good news for funny motivational speakers like me. But it's also valuable information about our customers. Information that can directly affect our bottom line (as in business, not panty).

Point 1: Women love to laugh.

Point 2: For many industries, women are the primary consumers.

Point 3: People buy for emotional reasons. And they remember longest what they've had an emotional connection to – like laughter.

So if all of these are true, then the ability to make women laugh will help us get and keep customers. So for all of you out there who market to women, spend a little (or maybe even a lot) more time this year on tickling their funny bone. It's the one thing you can tickle on your customers that won't lead to a sexual harrassment seminar from HR.

(PS And if laughter works on customers, then it should also help with co-workers, employees, and the people we wish to impact. Right?)

Here's to day filled with giggles!

Love, your motivational speaker who has learned that FUNNY SELLS!storyteller Kelly Swanson




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  1. Oh yes, I say! And thank you Kelly, for the data that backs up what we've all been saying for a long time.  I printed out that little study so that I can refer to it in the future.  And I want to share this one right now!

  2. The whole time I'm reading your article I'm thinking I could so be enjoying a Skinny Cow right now! I lived on those tasty treats when I was losing weight. Their name alone "Skinny Cow" is funny. So appreciate you shedding some facts on what all of us gals know to be truth! We love chocolate! No, well yes, but we love to laugh. And that is one thing everyone of you on this blog make me do daily. Less fattening too.

  3. I wonder if all the other husbands of motivational speakers who read this blog caught the irony in this post? We now learn that women are not supposed to wear shoes after labor day, and that for women sex has just dropped yet another notch down the list of importance.

    As a convoluted exercise in logic, let's see if I have this right: men used to be blessed with wives who were bare footed and pregnant (an outmoded concept that suggests that men used to get sex). Now men simply have bare footed wives (a little granola for my tastes) who feel that laughter, shoes (kinda of a contradiction), jewelry, and chocolate now rank higher than sex. Helps explain the recent push in many states for gay marriage. 

  4. LOL Bill!  Whew, I need a cigarette!  

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