Stop Waiting To Get Noticed And Get Noticed!!!

I was reading Jeff Goin’s blog – yes, again – and it just speaks to my heart. In this post (link below) he talks about people who are sitting around waiting to be picked – in a world where that doesn’t work anymore. And how true this is! As a motivational speaker and performer, I spent years wondering why nobody noticed me – why I wasn’t getting picked. I spent years waiting for somebody to notice me. And it got me nowhere. I had to learn an important lesson: You don’t wait to get noticed – you put yourself out there beyond your comfort zone – and people will notice.

That’s how Justin Bieber did it – he put himself out there until the world couldn’t help but pay attention. That’s how Susan Boyles did it.  Oh, you thought she got noticed? No ma’am. She showed up. She tried out. She left her comfort zone. Nobody came to her door, knocked, and said come here we want to make you  a star. She stepped out first. And then we noticed.

And thanks to social media, and the internet, we now have the platform to put ourselves out there. But do we have the courage?

Therein lies the rub. Because waiting to get noticed is inside your comfort zone. Problem is – success doesn’t come in the comfort zone. So you have to ask yourself: Are you willing to put yourself out there anyway?

I hope so! What have you got to lose? Nobody was noticing you anyway.

So take my hand – one, two, three – JUMP!!!!

Jeff Goin’s AWESOME post – waiting to be picked:


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  1. Yes, yes, yes, Kelly. Yes. In my career, motivational speakers have a tendency to all look alike, sound alike, their websites are alike, their marketing plans are all alike (biggest marketing plan is “sit by the phone and hope it rings.”  WHICH goes to exactly what you and Jeff are saying!  Right on.

  2. Always great advice from motivational speaker Kelly! I’m doing my best to always grow that comfort zone which is why I even stood on a horse (yes!) during the dude ranch experience. I’m sure I’ll blog about it soon!

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