Stop and Drink the Lemonade

Keynote motivational speaker Colette Carlson says slow down and enjoy simple pleasuersDeep in thought, I sped up my street just slowly enough to avoid being yelled at by people concerned with others’ safety.  Only after I passed the small table off to the side of the road did I realize it was manned by two little girls with a pitcher of lemonade and clear plastic cups.

My practical mind kicked into gear:  You’re already running behind today, you probably don’t even have change in your purse, you don’t need the sugar, you’re already half a block down the street, just go home!

The next thing I knew I slammed on the brakes, threw the car in reverse and hauled backwards before slamming the brakes directly in front of the little stand. I saw a concerned mother a few yards away, who watched intently as I shouted from my buzzed down window: “How much for a delicious glass of lemonade?”

“50 cents,” the oldest of the girls replied. I patiently watched as together they carefully poured a glass for me, approached the car slowly so as not to spill and exchanged the brimming cup for coins. With grins a mile wide, they politely said, “You’re welcome,” and I sped away.

By the time I turned into my driveway, this motivational speaker was bawling. No, the lemonade wasn’t that bad, but I was flooded with memories of my own little girls who spent hours curbside in our dead-end, cul-de-sac, hoping for just one car to pass and purchase their own homemade goodies, lemonade and sometimes even leftover Halloween candy.

Both my girls are away at college learning how to be real business women now. The truth is, it does go by way too fast. Remember to stop and drink the lemonade.



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  1. Missing your girls much Colette?  This is so sweet – pardon the pun! I'm glad you stopped.  I would have stopped too – The guys who started Which Which started with a Lemonade stand story.  You never know the lessons taught by this pure piece of Americana. 

  2. Awwww. Have you ever seen a grown motivational speaker cry? Well, you cried after this happened to you, and now I'm crying after reading what you wrote. Oh thank you for this powerful reminder, Colette. I love you for your willingness to remember what's REALLY important  – and to remind us. Thank you!

  3. Colette, I've always stopped and purchased the lemonaid. I want the little salesmen and saleswomen to know that they can earn a living if they have a good product and know how to promote it wisely. It starts young. Thank you for a great story. (Love the part about backing up,.)


  4. Sniff. Sniff. Thank you for reminding me to stop and drink the lemonade. You rock Colette.

  5. One sniff for my youth and another sniff for my boys'.  Your practical mind had some powerful arguments going so I'm very impressed and pleased that you threw that car in reverse!  Thanks for the reminder, Colette!


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