Sticky Stories are Motivating!

With all the dramatic flair of a seasoned storyteller, the scruffy dusty man (who reminded me of Kenny Rogers before the bad facelift) told us stories about the Old West.  “He walked into the saloon, the spurs on his boots clinking with each step of his swagger…” Sitting by the campfire, watching the stars, after riding horses all day at the Dude Ranch, this group of 40 to 50 year old “cowgirls for the day” felt the events could have occurred just yesterday.  Then we collectively asked where the nearest saloon was!

Do I remember all the details?  No.  But I will remember how I felt…and I’ve shared the experience with many friends and colleagues since that night.  Maya Angelou said it well:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  That’s why Stories Stick, whether you are teaching, building rapport, persuading, overcoming concerns or inspiring audiences. Doesn’t matter if you’re a motivational speaker, parent, leader, manager or sales person!

Speaking of selling, research shows successful salespeople tell five more stories per presentation compared to one story for less successful salespeople.   When you cite facts, figures, details and features, they just don’t work as well alone compared to when you connect them with “I had a client with a similar challenge and this is how we solved it”.  Stories connect your heart and your mind, and stay with us long after the experience itself. What’s your story?



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  1. Girl, you are speaking my truth! As a recovering professional storyteller and motivational speaker, you couldn’t find anyone to agree with you more! I’ve seen it pay off – over and over and over.

  2. I just had to read the story because of the title. Sticky sounded kind of racy. I was actually a little afraid.
    I had no idea that Maya Angelou had ripped off Kelly.  For years I’ve heard her say that people remember you for how you make them feel. Maybe motivational speakers DO have all the answers!

  3. And isn’t it true that as a motivational speaker it’s easier to create a presentation by weaving the message between our stories!

  4. Thank God!  I have more stories in my keynotes now than ever before and my audiences are loving it.  I’ll take a story over a powerpoint any day!

  5. Niiiiiiiiice… thanks Colette! I just finished a really productive conversation with a client… here’s how I started it… “So I was reading this blog written by one of my motivational speakers pals and she was talking about how research shows successful salespeople tell five more stories per presentation…” 

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